Spokane Boudoir Loft Up and Running

The Spokane Boudoir Loft is up and running but holy cow, ladies… I was nervous to start in a new territory. I’m happy and content in Phoenix. I love my clients, my space, and everything about it. But when my husband and I explored regions of Idaho and Washington in 2017, we fell in love with the Spokane area. So when we’d discovered the amazing industrial loft that is now my secondary studio, we couldn’t help but fall in love.

Now, after having it all set up, I travel there once a month to capture photos of local Spokane, Coeur d’alene, and surrounding city ladies.

But before I get too far, I wanted to share my first Spokane Boudoir shoot, the lovely Ms. M.


spokane boudoir loft photo of women in chair

spokane boudoir laying down eye contact

Top Questions from my Spokane Inquiries

Q. Is hair and makeup still included as it is for your Phoenix clients?

A. Hell yes! Absolutely. Before I started accepting clients in my Spokane Boudoir studio, I interviewed and tried out a few talented local makeup artist. After meeting several ladies, I decided to work with the lovely Terri Reece when I’m in town. She has amazing skills for boudoir hair and makeup and is such a treat to work with.

cool reflection shot in mirror with fog

How Long Are the Sessions?

Q. How long does the shoot take?

A. As my shoots are in Phoenix, my Spokane Boudoir Session experiences usually last approximately 2.5 hours. The first hour to an hour and a half you’ll be getting your hair and makeup done with my hair and makeup artist and then you’ll rock your photo session with me for 60 minutes.

Q. If my shoot is 60 minutes with you, how many looks does that include?

A. The 60 minutes will allow for about 4 different looks, but you’re welcome to bring as many outfits or pieces as you wish if you’d like me to help you pick during your shoot. Need some outfit guidance? Check out my fun Styling Guide.

women with brown hair boudoir

Phoenix vs. Spokane

Q. Is there any difference between your Phoenix and Spokane studio locations?

A. There is a visual difference between my studios, yes. My Phoenix location is small but don’t let that prevent you from wanting to rock your session there! All my past clients will swear by how much we utilize the super feminine space. There’s a beautiful iron bed, claw foot tub, beautiful couch and super warm wood floors. Oh! And did I mention plants and fur throws? This girl right here LOVES plants and furs. But not to worry! They’re faux.

As for my Spokane location, it’s a loft with lots of windows and super high ceilings. There is a sexy white leather tufted couch, matching chair, big bed, and other fun stuff to play with like more fur throws and plants. See a trend here? It’s a much larger space than the Phoenix location, but I love both equally and each give me the same quality of photographs for my clients.

boudoir stretch pose

How Do I Book?

Q. If you travel to Spokane once a month, can I book in advance? Do you know your dates ahead of time?

A. When I travel to my Spokane Boudoir location, I typically book my flight six weeks in advance and it is typically a Friday through Monday visit. Thinking of booking your session or want pricing info? Click here!

Spokane boudoir shoot women in black lingerie suit

If I can answer any other questions for you, please let me know! I cannot wait to share more amazing shoots with you ladies! Stay strong, stay beautiful, and stay YOU!

confident women in black boudoir lingerie spokane boudoir loft studio