Emily Brault Never Have I Ever | Behind the Scenes

Emily Brault. That’s me. And I bet you didn’t pronounce the last name right… not unless you’re French. It’s “Bro”. Yeah. The embarrassing “Bro”. Like the stereotypical “Bro” that only surfer boys use. I can’t change it now. It is what it is, but hey! At least now you know. 😉

Today I wanted to share a bit about myself. Aside from the boiler plate info like the following:

Emily Brault Boiler Plate:

-born in Iowa but lived in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, Arizona

-have a 6 year old girl (she’s my favorite person)

-Majored in English Lit

-photographer and business owner by day / full time Mama at night

-ridiculous lover of all junk and unhealthy foods

-love baking, cooking, writing, all things crafting, movies, and did I mention junk food?


There are many more things you could know about me.

Behind the Scenes with Emily Brault

1.) Emily Brault Never Enjoyed Alcohol (… for the most part)

Like for instance, never have I ever truly enjoyed drinking. Perhaps it’s because my body simply doesn’t process it well? And it wasn’t a recent thing either. I was considered the huge outcast in my teen and twenty-something years cause I wasn’t interested in drinking. My first house party wasn’t until I was 23 and even then, no bevy for Emmy.

I guess now, I might enjoy a glass of Riesling or a bit of hot Sake (this girl LOVES sushi).

English Major Emily Brault

2.) Never Enjoyed Cake

Ok, so I’m a huge sweet tooth and junk food lover, but I cannot handle cake! It’s really really nasty to me. And no, it has nothing to do with the icing. I know there are tons of people out there that truly detest that whipped icing you find on cakes. It isn’t that that drives me up a wall! It’s the texture of cake. The sponginess is just something that triggers that not-so-cute gag reflex. Cake, no thank you…

Denver Boudoir Emily Brault

3.) Never Have I Ever Gone to Europe

Random fact but it’s totally true- I have only left the USA to go to Mexico and Canada and my brain, for some reason, thinks that doesn’t count. Anyone else feel that way? If I’m on the same continent, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve truly left. I almost feel that my trip to Hawaii would count more as an “out of the country” exploration. I know, Hawaii is totally part of the USA, but my brain works in mysterious ways.

My goal is to go to Europe when I’m forty or sooner. So I’ve got some time. 😉

Emily Brault likes black coffee

4.) Never Have I Ever Been Put into Social Media Jail

I don’t know why I feel special to mention this but it’s so true- I’ve NEVER been put into Facebook or Instagram jail! For a boudoir photographer, due to the nature of our images, it can be a frequent thing, but I guess I’m the good-girl photographer that only shares more PG type photos online.

I do shoot more R rated intimate style sexy sessions, and many of those clients even sign full releases to allow me to share every single one of their blush worthy images, but I traditionally don’t share those images. It isn’t because I don’t love them- because I truly do.

I suppose I share the more modest images because I feel that the more sexy and nearly erotic style images aren’t for the ladies but more for their partners. The goal for me is to book ladies who want to rock a session for themselves with the goal to improve their confidence and feeling of self worth. Make sense, babe?

boudoir photographer with eb boudoir

5.) Never have I ever tried to make a pie besides apple

Ok, I’m obsessed with making and perfecting my apple pie recipe. I flipping love the stuff and I’ve never been super keen on other pies. It’s truly strange to me since I am such a sweet tooth, but for the most part, I don’t love squishy soggy-like fruit or pumpkin flavors. I know, I know. It’s terrible to admit since a good deal of the population swoon over pumpkin spiced items. Not this babe, though. Gimme Apple Cinnamon everything!

eb boudoir photographer

So, that’s a bit about me- Emily Brault aka your friendly neighborhood intimate Denver boudoir photographer. I think it’s only fair that I share a little bit about me and who the gal behind the camera is. It can be a little daunting and scary to get nearly (if not all the way) naked in front of a stranger but at least you know this stranger loves junk food and pie.

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Let’s hear about you and tell me, what’s you’re favorite junk food?!