Seeing myself in a different light | A Boudoir Testimonial

On my most recent boudoir trip back to Phoenix, I had the joy or working with a handful of amazing ladies. One of those truly inspiring clients was Ms. T.

She was so fantastic to photograph and talk to, I really felt comfy around her. She had a no BS type personality. Like most of us, she had parts of her body she didn’t love, but it didn’t stop her from totally killing it at her boudoir session. She came in as a gift for her soon-to-be hubby, but ultimately, it was a huge gift to her self esteem as well.

boudoir on couch


#1 Booking the Session

What/who made you decide to book a boudoir photo shoot?

I kept seeing women in a few different Wedding Facebook groups post about getting their future husbands/wives a boudoir photoshoot as a wedding day gift. I loved the idea and started looking into it myself.

How did you hear about and why did you choose Emily Brault?

Found Emily on Google when searching for photographers in my area. Chose her because her images were a step above everyone else. They were classy, not cheesy. They were moody and really showed off every woman’s best qualities.


denver boudoir


#2 Session Experience

Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty/sexuality/sensuality/body confidence as a result of this session?

After the photoshoot I felt like I got to see my body in a different light. I’m still hard on myself, but having photos that showcase my favorite parts of my body makes me feel more confident about my body and more loving towards myself.

How did the boudoir shoot make you feel?

The session made me feel amazing. It was so wonderful to be pampered and the photo taking process was so fun!

What specifically was your favorite part of the boudoir experience, and why?

Having photos taken of myself – I realized I really like being in front of the camera! It just made me feel really good about myself.

boudoir with t shirt

#3 Post Session

Anything we could have done to make your experience better?


If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Emily has an incredible eye for lighting and poses and takes the most beautiful pictures. She makes you feel amazing about yourself and is so helpful with posing and outfits. I was nervous beforehand but once I arrived, Emily’s presence and studio totally soothes my nerves. She gives off such a calm and inviting vibe that puts your nerves at ease.

I think that we all struggle a little (or in some cases-a lot) with loving everything about ourselves and our bodies, but it’s nice to know that we aren’t alone. Even stunners like Ms. T struggle! And I think we can all agree she’s completely beautiful. I hope that one day over time we can all crush our self-doubt and really step into full confidence when it comes to our physical selves.

Until then, just know that we are our own worst critics, love. You’re so much more attractive than you think. Own it, babe.