Top 10 Boudoir Questions Answered

You may think that I get a lot of boudoir questions coming in from potential clients. It’s true, most clients always have a few questions before booking, but in truth, it’s usually the same ones that I tend to get. I thought, why not share them with you and maybe it would answer some questions you may have been pondering on. So here we go, babes. My top 10 boudoir questions answered. 😉

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1.) What do I wear for boudoir photos?

This is my #1 boudoir question ladies… What do I wear to my boudoir session?! Luckily I (along with a few other boudoir photographer pals) created a The Badass Boudoir Styling Guide. Take a peek!!

2.) When should I book my boudoir session?

It can be difficult to decide when the RIGHT TIME is to book your shoot. But if you’re doing this session with a goal date in mind, I suggest three months in advance.

If you’re finding me and it’s only a week away, we can definitely still accommodate, but it’s always best not to stress, right?

When booking, a little tip- be sure to schedule a date that isn’t when you’re expecting Aunt Flow. I’ve had plenty of clients still rock amazing and sexy photos when it’s their time of the month, but most wish they booked on another week. Doing sexy boudoir photos on your period isn’t always best.

IF she arrives though, no biggy! Be sure to bring tampons and I’ll have you use the restroom right after hair and makeup and before you slide into that intimate lingerie. The shoot time is only 60 minutes so we’ll just hide that little string of yours.

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3.) When I will I see my images?

Lucky for you, babe, I edit your photos quickly and can present them to you within a week of your boudoir shoot. This is my FAVORITE part of the process. It’s called the Reveal and Ordering appointment. I love to see your reaction to your photos!!!

4.) How long will it take to get my order?

Depending on what your order to document those boudoir photos of yours, products usually take about 7 to 15 business days. That includes both the various Folio Boxes I offer and albums.

5.) Do you offer payment plans?

I sure do, love-bug! I know that times can be a little harsh right now but that should not prevent you on taking care of you and embracing this confidence boosting experience. Click here for more information on boudoir payment plans.

6.) Do you offer a discount?

Only once a year I do a special Boudoir Black Friday Sale. Keep a look out babe! I usually release them in the private EB BOUDOIR-VIP GROUP on Facebook so if you’re not a member, be sure to join, girl.

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7.) Do I have to get hair and makeup?

If you’re not wanting someone else to do your hair and makeup, you don’t have to! If you like doing your own look, or if you love the look of my special RAW Photoshoots, that’s wonderful! If that’s the case, we deduct $100 from your session fee.

If you’re wanting to remove the hair and makeup option to save a bit on the money though, I will say that it’s 100% worth the investment to have one of my professional hair and makeup ladies pamper you. Not only does it make it easier on you to just sit back and relax, but they also know how to apply the look for even better intimate photographs.

Again, though- the choice is yours hun.

8.) Do you travel for sessions?

Are you not a Denver gal but you’re still wanting to have an EB BOUDOIR experience with me? No worries! I do travel. To save on any travel fees, simply gather up a few other gal pals to book along with you and BOOM! No added travel fees for you, babe. Just reach out and we can chat more on the process.

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9.) Does the boudoir shoot have to be in the studio?

Most ladies LOVE my new Denver Boudoir Studio and in fact, many have traveled into Denver to be able to have their photos here. However, if you’re wanting to do your session outside of the studio, I can totally do that! If you’re wanting to use your own home (we can use showers, kitchens, and  your own room), or at a hotel you love, we can do that!

We can also do shoots outdoors for those who have private property OR have access to it. Due to the nature of the shoot, I cannot use areas that the general public have access to. It’s against state rules.

10.) Can I bring someone along?

I get it. Sometimes bringing your bestie or significant other may seem like it would help curb those nervous emotions. But for ladies in the past, it caused them to be even more nervous! I used to have a strict rule and not allow clients to bring a buddy, but because I’m in a larger space, if you really want your gal-pal to come along, that would be fine. Just one girlfriend though, and no men. When the shoot is in session, we’ll just have her relax in the dressing room. 😉

boudoir dressing room


Well, ladies. These are my 10 most popular questions I’m asked but if your question isn’t on this list, be sure to reach out! I’m always an open book and there’s nothing I won’t answer, love.

I hope to hear from you soon!