The Truth About Self Care | EB Boudoir

Self-care is on my mind today, and especially during this time of the dreaded homeschooling. So, I thought we could touch base on the Truth About Self Care that I wish I had known years ago.

I think this is something all of us – a HUGE shout out to you Mamas – could really take the time to focus on. Why? because the most crucial part of self-care I have learned is that we need to focus on preserving our energy during times of stress, change, and the unknown – Hello 2020. 

Self-Care, EB Boudoir

As I start to look back at this year, I am starting to realize the number of hours I spent invested, if not months, into caring for my business over myself. And as the year progressed, I realized that I too needed the energy I was investing into EB Boudoir to also be invested in myself so that I could tackle the challenges we have ALL found ourselves embedded after this year.

After some much-needed self-reflection, I suggest journaling to really get yourself on the right path, I am happy that I managed to shift my mindset and start prioritizing self-care in the last few months – And girl, if you are like me and are rocking the working mom life along with the part-time teacher (yay for homeschool) – trust me when I say, Self Care is must.

Self-Care, EB Boudoir

After reflecting on my process and what I learned throughout this year, I’ve come up with a few essential tips, I wish I used myself much earlier in my self-care journey.

Essential Self Care Tips I wish I had known about

Don’t Be a Yes Person just to please others

One word – don’t.

Doing things just to please others is nothing more than that. Where does protecting yourself and your energy come in if this doesn’t feel right and you are just doing it to please another?

One thing I have learned is that pleasing others come at once price and that is yourself.

We have one life to live, and if this year has taught me anything, it is that every moment you experience is just that – your experience. So, what does this mean for me? I have promised myself in 2021 that I won’t do anything just to please others. If something feels like a “don’t” to me, I am going to follow my gut.

If you know me girl, I LOVE seeing others happy. This is one of the main reasons I love my job. Bringing happiness to the lives of not only my clients but also my loved ones brings me so much fulfillment. I am not saying I am going to stop doing the things I love to do – that would be crazy! But what I am saying is, I won’t do anything just to please someone else.

Speak of yourself with Love

Quick question for you, how do you talk to and about yourself?

We as humans tend to be our hardest critics, and especially women. For some reason, we are able to give love to others so easily yet struggle to fill up our own cups. At an early age, I wish I learned just how important Self Love was.

As this year has come and gone, and what a year it has been. I really started to focus on self-love and the importance it holds for me. If you have ever shot with me – you know I am all about empowering women and showing our true beauty because we, truly, deserve to feel like the goddesses we are.

I have decided to turn my own words towards myself by changing my mindset and practicing affirmations, journaling, and heck, I even do some poses in the mirror and tell the babe looking back at me “You got this”. I treat myself like my best friend, love, and confidant because truly, we are our keepers and if we aren’t looking out for ourselves, how can we, in turn, look out for others?

It is so important that we head into 2021 making use of Self Love and the power it holds. You will quickly notice a shift in how you feel.

Self-Care, EB Boudoir

And lastly, this one is huge for me, especially during Covid19 and just 2020 in general;

Let Go of What You Can’t Control

Girl, you ain’t alone. Holding on to the past is something that I feel almost all of us struggle with. It keeps us up at night and also prevents us, at times, from moving forward.

But, if we can’t change what is out of our control, it makes no sense to waste our time on it – right? Well, if you are anything like me, 2020 has been the year of focusing on things out of our control and I am here to say “No More”.

Letting go is easier said than done, trust me, I know. However, we can change the way we approach things and focus on what we can control by focusing on what’s ahead, the positives within our life right now, meditation, and journaling – which I had touched on above as well. These are all ways I find I am able to take a bit of control when I feel like I have none.

Self-Care, EB Boudoir

At the end of the day, you are the only person that can make your self-care a priority – that is my goal to end this year off and to head into 2021. It is SO important we start to show ourselves the love and respect we deserve.

So, let’s jump into 2021 making Self-Care our top New Year Resolution – You with me?