Give the Gift of an Experience | EB Boudoir

For me, when I think boudoir, I think of an experience. So, Why not give the gift of an experience this holiday season? I mean, after the year we have had, who couldn’t use feeling like a goddess.

I believe boudoir is meant to build a woman’s confidence in herself. To help her embrace her femininity and her inner self.  And I believe that is exactly how I capture it. Every time.


EB Boudoir, Gift Card


Now, I want you to stop for a minute, and if you catch yourself asking “Would I really gift this? Or even do it myself?” The answer is – yes.

When it comes to boudoir, It is not about shape, size, color, or life status. It is simply fun, a day for them, for some much-deserved self-love, and for a moment to let them shine. 

EB Boudoir offers gorgeous gift cards for your bestie, lover, or maybe it’s a gift to yourself for surviving 2020 -Trust me, there is no better way to start 2021 off.  When gifting an EB Boudoir Gift card, you can apply any amount towards a session product purchase. But I mean, can you really put a price tag on Boudoir? Honey, it’s like nothing else. It’s the perfect gift for Christmas or a random Friday Eve and of course Covid19 friendly.


EB Boudoir, Gift Card


Here are just a few reasons why to “give the gift of an experience” as that perfect something for that woman in your life:

It’s A unique Experience.

Boudoir is a beautiful way for us as women to embrace our sensuality, empower our feminine side, and create lasting photos for memories we can reflect on.  Boudoir shoots not only help empower us as women, but they also help us in areas we didn’t even know it would.

It’s A Way To Spice It Up

Now, I think we could all use a little spicing up after Covid. There is no better way to mix it up after a lockdown, quarantine, or maybe your special someone is a frontline worker who could use that connection with you more now than ever before.  Either way, this year has not been an easy one, and taking the time to spice it up, there is no shame in that – only love.


EB Boudoir, Gift Card


I feel that says it all.

Not only does boudoir help kick that self-esteem doubt to the side of our minds, but it also is a confidence booster.  Once they see the photos, the experience will be worth it all. As far as I’m concerned, every woman that walks into the studio is a goddess, and I’ll make sure they leave knowing it.

I will be there to coach and guide them through the entire process. It isn’t just about having photos that they can cherish for years to come, it’s all about that confidence.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a reason to give that gift of an experience, here are a few popular reasons my clients love to document a special time in their life.

Now, take the leap – get the gift card. You won’t regret it, promise.