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Let’s Talk Denver

When it comes to Boudoir, it’s all about the location. Location is key for getting not only a great shot but also making sure you are comfortable. If you don’t feel great about where the shoot is taking place, you won’t be able to just let go and be yourself.

I absolutely adored shooting in Phoenix, and whenever I get the chance – I am there. But there is something gorgeous and sexy about The Denver Studio. I get a different kind of excitement when it’s me, the camera, and one of my gorgeous clients.

I want to be sure 100% of my girls who come in to rock their boudoir photoshoot feel 100% comfortable and confident every step of the way – and I believe The Denver Studio does just that – Like I said, hun, It’s all about the location.



At the Denver Studio, it is so essential that every woman comes in and leaves feeling sexy. When I envisioned this studio space I wanted it to be something that every woman feels excited to be in as soon as they walk in.

Every woman should be thinking, “I am beautiful, sexy, and love all myself”.

The studio makes it easier than ever before for women to really hone in on their sensual side. Don’t believe me? Well, take it from Ms. M.“I love how beautiful I felt in my images and I look at them in awe of myself now.”


Top 3 Reasons The Denver Studio is The Location For You:

Now, there are also some amazing other little gems my space offers. We have a badass Glam set up and I am I love the squad I work with!

We not only focus on making sure you feel like the gorgeous, powerful woman that you are – we also crush your hair, makeup, and dressing. And yes, this is all within the space.

Just picture Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet at the end of the 1st movie when she’s strutting her stuff and just owning that space. That is what it is all about. After all, this day is for you – and maybe a sexy little something for that special someone.

Now, I am going to share with you my top 3 reasons I feel the Denver Studio is the location for all things boudoir – and more.


Denver Studio, EB Boudoir

All About Empowering Women

Regardless of your size, shape, or status, I’m confident that my Denver Studio is a space where you will feel comfortable right from the start, love. That I can promise.

I know just how scary it can be to book your shoot, so when women walk into my studio space, it’s important they feel comfortable, sexy, and confident with me.

The Boudoir Session is just as much about you as it is the location you are in, which is why it is so important that I step back when you enter the studio and allow all individuals in the space to totally explore their ideas.

Trust me hun, no constricting you here – we want to help you step into your natural, irresistible, sensual self.

The Ever-Changing Settings

Now this I know, every woman has her own style – which is why we offer a variety of shooting settings right within the studio.

We are always here to help work with all clients to unleash their inner goddess. We believe the act of boudoir photography should be personalized and intimate.

Denver Studio, EB Boudoir


All Styles of Boudoir

This is something I am so excited to say we do. Whether you want to shoot a traditional boudoir or maternity boudoir, this studio is set up to do whichever your heart and soul desires are right for you at that very moment.

A woman should feel beautiful in every aspect of her life, from regular boudoir shots to that beautiful moment of “I do.”, and as a mother-to-be, nothing is more gorgeous than capturing those fleeting moments of just mother and child.


Denver Studio, Eb Boudoir


From the moment you walk into my studio, to the moment you leave for the day, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll experience one of the most powerful emotional and mental transformations of your life.

You’ll not only find yourself more confident than ever before but also just purely in love with who you are – and that’s all you, hun.

If you’re interested in learning more about the studio, or if you’d like to book your boudoir photography session, contact me today and let’s get your date booked. And no better time than 2021 – let’s say hello to a new year.