Bridal Boudoir Testimonial | Ms. B’s Input

Bridal Boudoir is actually the first type of boudoir that I started. Did you know that?! It’s true! It was a bride of mine who asked me to take some images of her in her bridal lingerie to give as a groom’s gift to her guy. What a great happy accident it was! I loved […]

Bride Party Boudoir in Denver

Bride Party Boudoir- what the Hell is that?! Well, I have to ask- do you want something totally memorable for you and your bride tribe prior to your big wedding day? Why not start the bachelorette fun early? Start the morning off with bride tribe boudoir! What is Bride Party Boudoir?! Yeah. This is probably […]

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What I wish my photographer told me before my first boudoir shoot | EB Boudoir

There will always be that moment of “What I wish my photographer told me before my FIRST boudoir shoot”. There was a time in my life I knew nothing of Boudoir…     As a portraiture photographer, I had never lifted my camera and shot anyone in lingerie, let alone conceive of it. My discovery of […]

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The New EB BOUDOIR Album

I get it. I’m super impatient- that’s why, I like things fast. Anything fast (except driving) I’m ALL FOR IT. Fast food? Sadly, yes. I love it. Fast gym workout? YES please. Fast… well, you get it. So then, I started looking at my product offerings. My stunning albums and Folio Boxes took 15 business […]

Self Love Is The Best Love | Client Testimonial

As you probably know, I am a big advocate that self love is the best kind of love! Booking a boudoir session should never be just for your partner, or to simply have images to post on social. Feel free to post them, however, having these raw, amazing photos of yourself in the nude or […]

Emily Brault EB Boudoir Phoenix Arizona Boudoir Photographer

Finding The Perfect Lingerie For Your Boudoir Shoot

Hey ladies! Let’s chat about all of the silky, pretty little sets that are on the market and where to find the perfect lingerie for your boudoir shoot. Not only do I have some favourite shops and a few websites for you to look into, but I will also share some of my secrets on […]

Emily Brault EB Boudoir Phoenix Arizona Boudoir Photographer

Wearing The Right Bra Size Is Everything!

We’re all probably wearing the wrong bra size. Okay ladies, this recurring problem happens ALL. THE. TIME. We are walking around in our day to day lives wearing the wrong bra size. Seriously, it is TRUE. I’m here to tell you that being a woman is hard sometimes, and yes, there’s not a lot of […]

Emily Brault EB Boudoir Phoenix Arizona Boudoir Photographer

6 Tips For Anti-Bloating Before Your Boudoir Shoot

Whether it is your first boudoir photoshoot or your tenth, as your new bestie and photographer, I want you to feel your absolute best on your shoot day. As the popular saying goes, “like a million dollars!” And girl, we are going to MAKE. IT. RAIN. So to ensure that you are feeling amazing in […]

4 Reasons You Should Do A Bridal Boudoir Session Before Your Wedding

You’ve planned the big day and it’s getting closer. Maybe you did engagement photos and even a bridal portrait session, and soon you’ll have gorgeous wedding photos to hang around your house, but there’s one more session you’re going to want to do before tying the knot: a bridal boudoir session. If you’ve been on […]