6 Tips For Anti-Bloating Before Your Boudoir Shoot

Whether it is your first boudoir photoshoot or your tenth, as your new bestie and photographer, I want you to feel your absolute best on your shoot day. As the popular saying goes, “like a million dollars!”

And girl, we are going to MAKE. IT. RAIN.

So to ensure that you are feeling amazing in your rocking bod, let’s talk about foods to avoid the week before your boudoir shoot. Bloating isn’t fun – in fact, bloating has no followers on its fictional Insta – so let’s be proactive about what to avoid and find some great alternatives.

#1. Beans

Beans are a type of legume and contain high amounts of protein and healthy carbs. They’re also rich in fiber, several vitamins, and minerals. But what you may not know is that most beans contain sugars called alpha-galactosides, which also belong to a group of carbs called FODMAPS. (That’s an abbreviations for a short-chain carbohydrate that escapes digestions and are then fermented by gut bacteria in the colon. Gas is a byproduct of this process.) This may cause some discomfort in your beautiful temple such as bloating, flatulence, cramping and diarrhea.

You can try soaking the beans first to reduce the FODMAPS in beans. Change the soaking water several times can also help.

What to try instead: Try some beans that are easier on the digestive systems, such as pinto beans and black beans, which are usually more digestible, especially after soaking. You can also replace beans with grains, meat, or quinoa! Yum!

#2. Raw Veggies

What? How can raw veggies cause bloating? Well, cruciferous veggies, such as kale, cauliflower, and broccoli, can lead to bloating when eaten in their raw form. Due to being extremely high in fiber and containing raffinose, a sugar molecule that falls under the FODMAP umbrella, the best way to eat your greens is by steaming them.

What to try instead: Try steaming your veggies to help soften their tough fiber and make them easier to digest. You can also increase their digestibility by blending them into a soup with a cup or two of veggie broth after steaming.

#3. Apples

Mmmhmm, I know. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are higher in fructose than most fruits, which also falls under that dreaded FODMAP umbrella. The high fiber content in apples also may be difficult for some people to digest.

What to try instead: Try replacing apples with lower FODMAP fruits such as berries, cantaloupe, grapes, or bananas. Cooking apples and making applesauce can also help increase their digestibility.

#4. Whole Grains

Your beloved bread, pasta, breakfast cereal. You know it girl –  these grains are high in fiber and lead to bloating.

What to try instead: If you loooove pasta, try making a spiralized zucchini “noodle”. You can also substitute quinoa for grains as it is closely related to the spinach family, and is actually more of a seed. It is best to soak quinoa overnight prior to cooking to hepl reduce the phytic acid.  

#5. Sugar Alcohols

I know you don’t want to hear this – but sugar alcohols are used to replace sugar in sugar free foods and chewing gums. They’re also seen as xylitol, sorbitol and mannitol on a product’s ingredient list. These types of sugar alcohols also contain FODMAPS and tend to cause digestive issues, such as bloating, gas and diarrhea.

What to try instead: Erythritol is also a sugar based alcohol, but it is easier on the body than the ones I mentioned above. Stevia is also a great, healthy alternative to sugar and sugar alcohols.

#6. Beer

Eeeeeeeek. You may have heard the term “beer belly” before. This term is not only in reference to belly fat, but the bloating that can be caused by drinking beer. Beer is a carbonated beverage made from sources of fermentable carbs like barley, maize, wheat and rice, along with some yeast and water. Basically, it turns into gas and fermentable carbs, and again – this dynamic combo is known for bloating.

What to drink instead: Water is always your best friend, but if you’re craving an alcoholic alternative, then try red wine, white wine, or spirits (without added sugar based alcohols).

A couple other tricks I can recommend include limiting your sodium intake and go for some known anti-bloating foods such as ginger, pineapple, and yogurt.

As always, you do you. If none of this is resonating with you, that’s totally okay! My end goal is to help you feel amazing inside and out. Hit me up in the comments with some of your favourite dietary tips and recipes to make you feel like your best, most badass self.