When The Photographer Becomes The Model

A few weeks ago in Vegas, I had an amazing experience working with incredible creatives as both a model and boudoir photographer.

I felt free and empowered experimenting with a completely different environments during our boudoir shoots and modelling for New York’s amazing Evgenia Ribinik. Her shoot out at The Delano Hotel in Vegas was so inspiring. Switching my role not from just a photographer, but as a model allowed me to appreciate and learn about the client’s perspective.

Photo Credit: Evgenia Ribinik of Evgenia Ribinik Intimate Photography

I completely understand how terrifying it can be to become vulnerable in front of a lens. As the person behind the lens, I know that is when the most beautiful, intimate and inspiring images are captured.


Emily – The Boudoir Model

I’ve modelled for other boudoir photographers in the past, but before any shoot, where I’m the one stripping down, I get the butterflies… a sense of vulnerability, and not believing like I’m good enough to be there. It’s a terrifying feeling to be in your underwear, in front of a stranger, or in my case, several strangers.

Yet it is such a wonderful way for me to relate to what my clients experience, and learn how to crush their feelings of anxiety, because now— I know EXACTLY how it feels.

Photo Credit: Boudoir by Tami Kaye

When you’re with the right photographer, those fears are diminished and something else emerges in its place: something strong, confident and ridiculously powerful that I wish for every woman to feel in their lives. The feeling that you are not only enough, but BETTER than enough.

You’re powerful. You’re a goddess, and you deserve to feel confident, feminine, sexy, and strong, even when standing completely vulnerable.

Behind the Scenes of the talented Evgenia Ribinik of Evgenia Ribinik Intimate Photography in New York. Photo captured by Boudoir by Tami Kaye.

It’s through boudoir photography that I have felt this strength in myself and why I encourage everyone to have an experience such as this.

I know it’s scary. I know the weakness we feel in our stomachs leading up to the shoot. It’s there. Once you confront the fear face to face, you’ll find that it’s the best experience you could give yourself – meeting the woman that is just below the surface.


Photo Credit: Daniel Johnson of Love, Ali.

Emily – The Boudoir Photographer

Aside from the outdoor boudoir shoot with the beautiful Edith at Camp Do More last year, all of the women you see on my site are clients. For me, it’s an odd thing for boudoir photographers to work with paid models if they aren’t the ideal clients.

I never wanted to work with a model because I thought it would make me lazy. I would think — “Of course the images are going to look great, they’re paid to make them look good. You just click a button on the camera and you can call it a day.”

But it wasn’t at all what I expected. Working with Chelsea, in particular, was educational. I saw movements and poses I would have never thought to try with a client. She allowed herself to look “unflattering” so we could step outside the box and re-ignite that creative side of me that sometimes plays it safe.

Muse: Chelsea Brennan 

I never want a client to feel uncomfortable. I want her to feel safe and secure. Sometimes, pulling out that unflattering and vulnerable side creates such a new and beautiful vibe that I would have never touched on without this experience.

Muse: Chelsea Brennan 

Muse: Chelsea Brennan 

What I’m trying to say here, is that I have seen a boudoir photography session from both sides. I completely understand how terrifying it can be to become vulnerable in front of a lens. But from the perspective of the person behind the lens, I can wholeheartedly say that’s when the most beautiful, intimate and inspiring images are captured. I wish nothing more then for you to feel completely safe, cared for and loved when we are working together. All I hope for is that you’ll feel amazing on the inside as you look on the outside!