What Should I Wear For My Boudoir Photoshoot?

When I am preparing to shoot a boudoir session, the most common question I get is: “What should I wear?”

Do not worry ladies, I got you! When we think boudoir we typically think of lingerie, but that is not the only thing you can wear to a shoot! If this is a treat for your other half, bring something of theirs to throw into the mix. Why limit ourselves to only lingerie when there are so many fun options. The most important thing to remember is simple: always to be you! There is nothing more beautiful than that.

It is all about having fun and enjoying yourself! I want you to come with no worries in mind! If you haven’t already, check out my recent blog post for my tips and tricks when it comes to avoiding the dreaded bloating!

#1 Shoes vs No Shoes

Personally, I’m not big on shoes. Why? Because I look ridiculous in them! But if it’s something that you love and you wear to boost your confidence, bring them along! If you think you need them but it’s not really your thing either, leave them at home. This whole experience should be fun and true to who you are! Stilettos or bare feet, it’s all sexy!

# 2 Nighties are usually a “no-go”

We always want form-fitting pieces to show off that shape! When we hide our curves with nighties, we risk looking blocky and can appear larger than we are. We want to show our lines and embrace our beauty! Nighties can make this difficult, so save these for your beauty sleep!

#3 Tanning

This one is key! If you have tan lines, do not try to fix them with self-tanner. I get it, tanned skin can make you feel amazing but always results in an orange tone in photographs! And let’s be real, nobody wants to look like something straight out of Willy Wonka! So do your BEST to not have lines, but don’t try to self fix if it happens. Instead of tanning at all, bring in that beautiful natural skin tone you already have!  

#4 Lingerie vs. No Lingerie

If you aren’t a lingerie girl, don’t buy it just for me! There is so much more we can do! I know, you are probably thinking to yourself what is a boudoir shoot without lingerie? Girl, we can use jeans, ribbed tanks, a swimsuit coverup, a simple bra and panty set (I always suggest a matching set). Whatever makes you feel like yourself and gives you confidence is all that matters! And for the more adventurous, bring your birthday suit!

#5 Nail Polish

I’m not picky about your nail color but if you’re wearing it, be sure it looks damn good! And if you’re questioning it, go with your gut and remove it. Or take yourself to the spa and get that gel set re-filled. Ladies, I can’t photoshop chipped nails!


At the end of the day, whatever makes you feel beautiful is the most important. There is nothing sexier than confidence and self-love. High heels or a sweet pair of Converse, lingerie or your old Levis with the tear in the knee, all that matters is that it’s you. Rock what makes you feel your best because that is what this is all about! And when you see those photos, yeah… You’re gonna want to show everyone.