Excuses why not to do a boudoir photoshoot and why you should give them a big F-U!

Hey girl, I know we have all been there and questioned ourselves about whether we should take the boudoir shoot plunge – it’s natural! What I am here to say is the misguided excuses of why not to do a boudoir photoshoot are just that- misguided! If you’ve ever struggled with confidence or aren’t 100% in love with your body, it’s the best therapy in the world! Boudoir photography is all about capturing you as your most beautiful self. And that happens when you come exactly as that.



#1. I need to lose weight

Let me stop you there and just say, you do not need to lose weight to be able to do a boudoir photoshoot! You look amazing exactly how you are. Of course, balanced eating and taking care of yourself is always in style. This experience is not meant to have you obsess about your weight, but to embrace your shape! I want you to look back at these photos and remember just how naturally stunning you are!


#2. I don’t look like those girls on your site

First thing you should know about my site, none of the girls are models. They are 100% my clients! As the photographer, and through my guidance, I will help you squash those thoughts. I know it’s scary to picture yourself being vulnerable in front of the lens, but trust me when I say there is nothing more empowering! You will leave feeling sexy, confident and best of all, like yourself! Don’t believe me? Check out my blog When The Photographer Becomes The Model!



#3.  I’m single and no reason to do it

I always want women to do this 100% for themselves.  If you have a partner, great! They simply can benefit as well. The experience of a boudoir shoot is for you to feel amazing about yourself and to look at these photos and be like “damn girl, I look good!”  Now, don’t get me wrong, they make a great gift for your honey… but who said you can’t gift yourself? Ain’t nothing wrong with spoiling ourselves every once in a while! Realizing our own beauty and celebrating it for ourselves is empowering all on its own.



What I am trying to say is, we can make excuses for days on why we shouldn’t do something. But what really makes a difference is when we jump in with two feet to what scares the shit out of us! We need to start embracing ourselves for the goddesses we are. It doesn’t matter if you are not a size 0, if you have no partner to show them to, or if you are still rocking your post-baby battle marks! That is all the more reason to do something like this just for YOU!