The Benefits to a Boudoir Shoot

There are many benefits to a boudoir shoot and I am not just referring to the fact that you can dress up in your fav piece of lingerie! Boudoir shoots not only help empower us as women, but it also helps us in areas we didn’t even know it would.

I often hear the reasons why not to do a boudoir shoot, but today I want to touch on the reasons TO do a boudoir shoot. Because honestly girl, if you haven’t done one yet, you need to!

#1 Self-esteem

None of us are perfect. We all have that little voice inside our head telling us not to do it and the list of reasons seem endless, I get it. But the thing is, there is nothing more empowering, sexy and fierce than embracing ourselves for who we are and rocking it in a boudoir session. It takes guts to let our guard down and be vulnerable. Girl, you are not alone! But you are gorgeous.

#2 Confidence

Not only does boudoir help you kick that self-esteem doubt to the curb, but it also is a confidence booster! Once you see the photos, you will ask yourself “why did I wait so long to do this!?” As far as I’m concerned, every woman that walks into the studio is a goddess, and I’ll make sure you know it too! I know it’s hard to stand half-naked in front of someone you’ve never met, but I promise it’ll be like two friends hanging out. With your hair styled, makeup done and dressed in sexy lingerie, you’ll be exuding confidence!

#3 Let’s reflect back!

Your boudoir shoot is definitely going to be something you’ll remember forever! When you need a confidence boost,  you’ll have photos to remind you just how gorgeous you are! You could hang the photos on your wall and show off your badass shoot, or keep them safe and sound in an heirloom quality box in your dresser. But either way, you’ll have the memories! You will be able to revisit that time when you never felt more alive and remind yourself that you are in fact a sexy badass!


#4 A little spice for your relationship

When booking a boudoir shoot, the first priority should always be about you and what you’re comfortable with. With that said, wanting to send those photos to that special someone sounds like some fun! It’s always in style to throw a little spice into our relationships.

No excuses, you are so beautiful! All women have their doubts and insecurities but with my guidance, I promise you are going to see yourself in a new light (and it’s hella flattering)!