4 Reasons You Should Do A Bridal Boudoir Session Before Your Wedding

You’ve planned the big day and it’s getting closer. Maybe you did engagement photos and even a bridal portrait session, and soon you’ll have gorgeous wedding photos to hang around your house, but there’s one more session you’re going to want to do before tying the knot: a bridal boudoir session. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to have one, you definitely should! Here are 4 reasons why a bridal boudoir session is the perfect addition to your wedding festivities.


It’s the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

You’re probably going to get him a gift for the wedding, and photos from your session are such a great gift! It’s an opportunity to give him something that’s personal and makes him think of you, instead of settling for a new watch. He probably won’t expect it at all, which will make giving them to him half the fun!


It’s a gift for him AND you.

The photos from your session are something you’ll both cherish. You get a fun boudoir experience that lets you channel all the emotions of being a bride, and get to see the beautiful photos as a result, and he gets an incredible wedding gift that he didn’t expect and can look at any time he wants. It’s a win-win!

It’s something to treasure.

You’ll love the experience of a boudoir session and the way it makes you feel, but you’ll love the photos so much more. Give you both something else to look back on and enjoy when you’re old and grey. You’ll reminisce about the whole experience, and he’ll reminisce about how he never saw it coming!


It’s another way to document your day.

Enjoy being a bride! Everything about this time is so special, and it’s something you’ll want to remember every moment of. You’ve probably taken so many photos of the planning process, and you’ll have photos from the wedding day to look back on, but a boudoir session gives you the opportunity to capture the feeling you have about being a bride. It’s just another way to document this time in your life and enjoy it even more.


Hopefully these 4 reasons convinced you because you’ll love having a bridal boudoir session and the photos from it! For questions about bridal boudoir or to schedule your session, email me at emily@emilybrault.com.