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There will always be that moment of “What I wish my photographer told me before my FIRST boudoir shoot”.

There was a time in my life I knew nothing of Boudoir


before my first boudoir shoot, EB Boudoir


As a portraiture photographer, I had never lifted my camera and shot anyone in lingerie, let alone conceive of it. My discovery of Boudoir started a little differently than yours, I can guarantee it. 

Back in my wedding photographer days, a bride-to-be asked me to capture some bridal lingerie photos as a wedding gift to her groom! So cute, right!?

So here’s me, Emily, the ‘wedding photographer‘ in my first attempt at shooting Boudior, and you know what?! It was true love. I knew this was my calling – this was my niche and my true passion behind the lens. 

But, I needed to know what it was like to be on the other side of the camera, and I needed to experience it for myself and for my clients. 

So, I went ahead and booked a boudoir shoot with another photographer.

I wish I could say it was a great experience, but it just wasn’t. There were so many things I wish she had told me about before my first boudoir shoot


Here Are a Few

Before My Boudoir Shoot, Denver Boudoir


What I wish my photographer told me before my FIRST boudoir shoot

Wish she had told me what to wear.

After I had booked my session, I went shopping to find what I thought would be good lingerie for my body. It was a bit of a scramble, I didn’t have any direction, and my mindset was in the world of what I should be wearing vs. what makes me feel sexy.

I discovered post-shoot that the bra and panty set I chose wasn’t flattering in the photos. At all. 

Wish she posed me more and helped me with posing.

I felt awkward just waiting for her to tell me what to do, but she didn’t, so I had to wing it myself. 


Denver Boudoir, Posing


Wish she would have fixed my hair.

This I can’t make up, ladies. I had a crazy curl that stuck straight up for half of the shoot – to this day I cannot fathom why oh, why would you not tell me that!? 

Wish she told me she wasn’t editing my skin.

I have bad body acne, and I’m super self-conscious, but she said I needed to embrace it.

Okay, sure, but that would have been something to disclose initially. Also, do you know the feeling intuitively when someone is not listening to you? That was a prime example. 

Wish she had told me that she liquified a lot.

So liquifying in photoshop terminology is the process that is referenced a lot as ‘that photo’s been photoshopped.‘ As in, the image is distorted or dramatically altered. Hence, it’s not the real you. Or you’re like, hmmm, that picture of the Kardashian sisters looks really…..not real.

Using the tool ‘liquify’, you can doctor an image to enlarge eyes, lips, or slim down and shrink figures. So guess what? She made me a size 2 when I’m a size 8, making me feel horrible about myself! 


EB Boudoir, Denver


My biggest takeaway? What not to do with my clients. I learned firsthand how it feels to be lost, very confused, and vulnerable. 

I am so happy I went through that adventure, ladies! It was invaluable to me and my future business as a Boudoir Photographer. I was humbled knowing that I operate from a place of respect and safety. My values are directly linked to my work, and I honor the women who come to shoot with me. 

Boudoir is more than lingerie; as we all know, it’s a profoundly personal experience, a celebration of your body and you. 

And that is my mission. 


before my first boudoir shoot, EB Boudoir


That’s why I’m here telling you about my body acne and crazy hair and being turned into something that I’m not.  

Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful, and every woman deserves to see herself in her best light in a stunning photograph. And every woman, regardless of size, age, or status, deserves to enjoy a true boudoir photography experience.   

You’re beautiful just the way you are, and as your Denver boudoir photographer, I’ll help you see it. 

Inquire about booking your EB Boudoir session today! Dive in just as I did at the start of my journey; take a leap of faith in yourself.