Interested in Saving a Few Dollars for Your Shoot? | EB Boudoir

Savings! Budgeting! ThriftingAre your ears ringing to the same tune? I feel we are all implementing some budget-friendly practices this new year, and I hear you! Which got me thinking, are you interested in saving a few dollars for your shoot?

For my savvy savings gals, the treat of your boudoir experience does not have to max out your budget! I have a solution to help you get ‘the look‘ without breaking the bank. 


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So, If you would like to forgo having a professional makeup and hairstylist for your shoot, here are my must-read tips for your upcoming shoot!

Interested in Saving a Few Dollars for Your Shoot? | EB Boudoir Tips

Get that fierce, flowing hair. 

Grab that curling iron of yours because big loose curls are the pièce de résistance of your boudoir look. If you are a bit new to styling curls, watch a couple of youtube videos and try it out. Also, curl those curls tight. Chances are, they will fall before or during the shoot because we play with hair a lot in the session. 

Be sure to get a texture spray and spray your roots. This helps with lustful and playful volume. And if you don’t want big loose curls, rock sleek straight, or even a messy bun. Those are more authentic, and I love them! 


Boudoir Makeup Must Have’s 

Be sure that foundation matches, babe! You might need to reinvest if you are iffy, head down to a makeup counter to get a second opinion and take some selfies in natural light to double-check. Please use blush! It’s so feminine and vital to help define the face and give it color and contour.


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Lashes Lashes Lashes

The holy grail of achieving that ‘sexy’ look on camera and you know it, babe. I would recommend picking up some Ardelle naked lashes from your local store. They’re amazing and a fav here at the studio. I would advocate practicing putting them on a couple of times before your shoot day. Make sure to trim them, so they aren’t too long! Apply your mascara AFTER setting your lashes. This sometimes helps them feel better on your lid. 


And for lips?

A beautiful nude color like Charlotte Tillbury’s “Very Victoria” or any of her nude mattes as per your skin tone is gorgeous. Lip liner matched with your nude lipstick is a game-changer. We want a flirty plump, not filler lip, and a lip liner makes all the difference. Set your makeup with a setting spray or powder for the finale, and we’re ready to rock!!


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Now, get everything you have used in designing your look and throw them in your boudoir grab bag to bring to the studio. That way, you can do touch-ups when needed and refine any details as we go.

Professional makeup is designed to show well in front of a camera lens and lights. Often you can feel overdone when you apply your own makeup, but in front of the camera, it may actually read very light. Not to fear! I will help guide you if you need a little more coverage or just a slight tweak. If that is your desired look, you are trying to achieve, of course. 

I hope you find these tips helpful; I don’t want anyone to ever forgo a boudoir experience because of the cost. We are keeping it real here at EB


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I, of course, would always advocate for professional makeup and hairstyling; however, I totally get ya that maybe that’s not what you are into or can’t commit to right now. Whatever the case may be, I’m so excited about our photoshoot. 

And if you haven’t inquired with me yet. Send me a note! Let’s book a date.