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A topic and thought I think we are all having after the start of 2022….”How to Avoid Burn Out Heading Into Summer“.

If the fresh and glowing feeling of a new year has worn off, and the days are still short but feel way too long? I’m experiencing the same. 


How to avoid burn out, Denver Studio


I find myself looking ahead currently, awaiting that beautiful summer just around the corner. It feels a long way away, though. I thought the winter months were supposed to be a time of restoration and quiet, but it seems with the momentum of each new year comes a lot of stress in action. I want to find peace and relaxation this season to enjoy the spring-summer months fully. There is an energy that is very abundant when the sun is high and the days are long. I long for these but know that it can be a huge push to get there. Being a momma while balancing a career and a life takes its toll this season. We are all pushing ourselves to get up, go to work, drop off kiddos at school, and repeat. 

I have been unhappy with this feeling lately. How did this creep up on me? My routines differ slightly in the summer with more social gatherings and outdoor activities with my little girl, but I keep a balanced work and home life, so why am I feeling burnt out? 

I decided to journal about it, do a little reading, and take a pen to paper. I wanted to find the source of this energy loss and maybe redirect it. So far, so good! I found this exercise very helpful, so I’m sharing it today. I hope you find this insightful!

How to Avoid Burn Out Heading into Summer

Ask yourself what the key to your stress or unhappiness is? 

When I started with a fresh page and a hot cup of coffee one afternoon, I began with this question. I let myself do a little free flow of ideas, and I didn’t judge whatever came up. The exercise perhaps is a release in itself. In a review of my list, some of it resonated, and others were somewhat funny, things that have been bouncing around in my head but were not that big of a problem after all. I was able to be objective, which is why I loved asking myself this. I had a good sense of what was honest and accurate and looked at what was frivolous. I released and let go of the little things that were not bringing me joy. Gosh, that felt good. 

Make yourself the priority. 

Often when you make significant changes in your life, the energy of putting yourself first is scary but also energizing. Like when I started

EB Boudoir was scary at first but very rewarding. So, where else in my life could I turn the dial towards myself more. What am I missing out on? Is it more self-care or just stopping some negative self chatter? Food for thought. 


How to avoid burn out, Denver Studio


Embrace your community of family and friends 

Often a lack of support is why we are so tired or edging on burnout. Our culture is pretty independently focused but in reality, teamwork and our communities of friends and family help us build, rebuild, move forward, rest, and accomplish goals! Remember when I said my summers are more social? Many of those activities surround my family and me engaging with our community. I called up some friends to see if they wanted to join me in a weekly spin class or go for a Sunday afternoon caffeinated hike. I’ve loved it so far, and there are many other activities that you can engage with your family with, a trip to the museum or an art class with your kids. It’s energizing, trust me. 

Have you considered downsizing? 

Don’t worry; I’m not suggesting the key to your burnout is selling your house! But sometimes, the amount of stuff we have lying around the house takes up a lot of mental and physical clutter. Audit your house! Marie Kondo it. Recycle, donate, sell on Marketplace. The feeling of purging is like a weight being lifted. Take a weekend or some evenings to start the process; this could be just the ticket! 

Weekly reset routine 

This has always been a savior for me when I feel a little off. It can usually happen mid-week. By Wednesday, I feel so done with the week. So I do what I usually would on a Sunday. Rest, do some chores around the house, do laundry, cook some meals for the week and read. As if I was heading into the start of my week. I stop and take control by resetting myself. I think this is my favorite go-to practice when you are spent. 


How to avoid burn out, Denver Studio


As we jet off into this new year, I hope you can ease off on the business of being busy. Truly. Let’s ease our way through tough seasons with compassion for ourselves. If a task or a goal is important to you, have faith that you will accomplish it, you don’t need unnecessary stress to get you there. 

Cherish yourself, ladies! Please, let me know how you recharge!? Drop me a note here.