Bride Party Boudoir in Denver

Bride Party Boudoir- what the Hell is that?!

Well, I have to ask- do you want something totally memorable for you and your bride tribe prior to your big wedding day? Why not start the bachelorette fun early? Start the morning off with bride tribe boudoir!

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What is Bride Party Boudoir?!

Yeah. This is probably not something you’ve heard- bride party boudoir. I honestly made it up! Lol.

One day, I was chatting with one of my Denver bridal boudoir clients when she was in hair and makeup and we got to talking. Wouldn’t it be fun if you’re bridesmaids were part of the fun today?! They could come along, get their hair and makeup done too! And then the brainstorming really began!

My main gal, the Denver bride, would still be getting the usual pampering and full 60 minute shoot with me, but her gals would still get hooked up! Hair and makeup and 30 minute mini boudoir shoots! (Plus huge discounts!)

bridal boudoir denver

Bachelorette Party Here We Come!

Not only will it be a blast to start your day but you’d be documenting this amazing time as a bride, getting a perfect groom’s gift, and have fun with your gals all in one morning! Plus, who’s all ready for a night of fun for the bachelorette party? You!! Hair and makeup will be professionally done and you and your babes will be ready to go out for a night of… well, whatever you ladies wanna do! Shhhhh. That’s kept between you and your tribe, right? Lol.

(Oh! And if you’re thinking of fun bridesmaid gifts, wouldn’t this be badass?!)

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I know this is a lot… So here’s the breakdown in a list. I LOVE lists. Don’t you?!

Why Should I Host Bride Tribe Boudoir?

1.) You along with your bridesmaids will be getting your hair and makeup professionally done

2.) Each Bridesmaid gets 30 minute boudoir shoot

3.) Bride gets a full 60 minute boudoir shoot

4.) Everyone will get 50% off packages or 30% off a la carte

5.) The bride will also be getting a special Accordion Album for hosting her morning with EB BOUDOIR

So, tell me honestly… How flippin’ exciting does this sound?! Message me today for any questions or to get you and your gal group on the calendar. I cannot wait for this morning of fun. Should I provide mimosas? I think fizzy drinks are necessary, don’t you?!