Interested in Saving a Few Dollars for Your Shoot? | EB Boudoir

Savings! Budgeting! Thrifting! Are your ears ringing to the same tune? I feel we are all implementing some budget-friendly practices this new year, and I hear you! Which got me thinking, are you interested in saving a few dollars for your shoot? For my savvy savings gals, the treat of your boudoir experience does not have […]

Black Lingerie, Denver Studio

The Secret To A Killer Boudoir Session

I can already picture what you are thinking of, outfits. Babe, I am here to tell you to leave those thoughts at home because the secret to a killer boudoir session is letting go and allowing your confidence to come through. Trust me when I say that I know the thought of doing a boudoir […]

Nails Done Before Shoot | EB Boudoir

While boudoir sessions are beautiful, empowering, and definitely fun, there are usually a lot of questions beforehand, especially for first-timers. A commonly asked question is, should I get my nails done before my shoot? The short answer – yes or no. The main goal should be that they do not distract from the photos themselves. […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Boudoir Together

Friends Don’t Let Friends Boudoir Together. Girl, I get you! Your boudoir shoot is coming up and you are so dang nervous (everybody is when they get here), so you think that bringing a friend (or your partner) is a great idea. You think having a gal pal or your love there will calm your […]

EB Boudoir – Collage Frame

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” You’ve gotten your boudoir photos back and (of course!) you love them. But what now? Please, I beg of you, don’t let them sit inside your nightstand! I offer beautiful framing options, to make sure that doesn’t happen. Pictured below, the […]

The Bad-Ass Boudoir Styling Guide

Hey there, girl! This handy guide is your best friend in preparing for your empowering boudoir photoshoot. We’re going to walk you through what to wear to flatter your amazing girl-bod while encouraging you to have fun with your choices. What you decide to wear for your session should reflect you and your own unique […]

Stop Comparing, This is Your Session

So, you’ve booked a boudoir session, congrats! Now begins the process where you begin to look to others for inspiration for your own shoot. And as you scroll through Pinterest, or browse through your photographer’s past clients, some thoughts start to roll in….those kind of thoughts. “Her legs are slimmer.” “I’m not as daring as her.” […]

How to Choose the Perfect Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir has certainly been on the up the past few years. You may even be wondering how it became so popular, so suddenly. Well, I’m here to help break down what boudoir is, where it came from, and why you should consider booking a session. But most importantly I’ll be exploring how to choose the […]