Stop Comparing, This is Your Session

So, you’ve booked a boudoir session, congrats! Now begins the process where you begin to look to others for inspiration for your own shoot. And as you scroll through Pinterest, or browse through your photographer’s past clients, some thoughts start to roll in….those kind of thoughts. “Her legs are slimmer.” “I’m not as daring as her.” “My tummy isn’t as toned” “I could never pull that of [outfit/pose/etc.]” Now girl, here is  what I suggest you say to those thoughts: “Feel free to leave.” Stop comparing, this is your session!


Because the truth is, boudoir photography, especially with EB Boudoir, is all about reminding you how strong and beautiful you are. This is your session, therefore it is meant to make you, and only you feel like the goddess we both know you are.

And one of the first ways to do that is to rid yourself of any comparisons, let go,  and just have fun

Whether you are looking to gain confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone, empowering your divine feminine side, embracing your sexuality, anything, this session is intended to help you achieve those goals. 


Even if your intention is to eventually share these photos with someone, the session is still for you. So embrace what makes you unique, let go of any fear of judgement, and embody who you truly are, or even who you want to be. This is your day and we are here for you!


Your session is a safe space and is meant to make you feel free, open, and most importantly, comfortable. This means that you get to wear what makes you feel good, listen to the music you love, while also working with your photographer to find your best angles and poses. 


And remember, there is no competition with others! There is no prize for having the most toned anything, wearing the least amount of clothing during your session, or for bending yourself into the craziest position in the name of being “sexy”.

Your session is your journey, to explore who you are and what you like, and ultimately, to embrace and love your amazing and incredible self. I too have been the client, I know how you feel, trust me! So, stop comparing, this is your session! We will rock it.