Nails Done Before Shoot | EB Boudoir

While boudoir sessions are beautiful, empowering, and definitely fun, there are usually a lot of questions beforehand, especially for first-timers. A commonly asked question is, should I get my nails done before my shoot? The short answer – yes or no.

The main goal should be that they do not distract from the photos themselves.

EB Boudoir, Sensual

Personally, I love a black or nude set of nails. Nothing too overpowering, but just enough that it adds to the look. The only thing I cannot say enough is – no chips! The last thing we want is for you to be looking like your flawless self, but you can’t stop staring at your chipped nails on your left hand.

EB Boudoir, Sensual

Feelin’ a little frisky and want to rock some color on those dainty digits for your boudoir shoot? Not a problem, girl. Don’t let me stop you! Just be sure that if you choose to wear neon lime polish on those nails that it compliments your outfits too!

EB Boudoir, Sensual

Don’t wear crazy rainbow colors on your nails when you’re attempting a romantic white lace bridal boudoir look. It just wouldn’t flow super well. Get me, love?

EB Boudoir, Sensual


Have more questions regarding your boudoir manicured nails? Feel free to message me.

But don’t hesitate to give yourself a little pre-pampering before your confidence-boosting boudoir session with me, girl. So, Nails done before my shoot?  The answer is, you do you girl!