Topless Boudoir | Why You Should Consider It

Why is being topless or nude such an issue? I get it. Some people think it’s sinful, and that’s totally ok if that’s how you feel. If that’s the case though, you may need to stop watching boudoir feeds cause, well, that’s part of the fun in it. When I first started boudoir, I’ll admit […]

Turnaround | How Fast Is The Process After the Shoot

Boudoir Sessions are so fun and uplifting. When you arrive to one of my studios, you get all pampered with professional hair and makeup and we have so much fun! It’s like we’re besties hanging out! But of course, you are here for the photos, so a popular question I get is how fast is […]

5 Boudoir Rules to Know with EB BOUDOIR

Rules suck. They’re never fun! But I have boudoir rules in place for a very special reason for my sessions. Trust me… you know the phrase “you live and learn”? Well, I’ve learned from past experiences that these boudoir rules are vital for me and my clients to feel comfortable during their boudoir experience. So […]

Boudoir Style | My Style vs. Client Wants

When picking a boudoir photographer, it’s super important to fall in love with their boudoir style of photography… This post may or may not be well received, but I feel that it’s something important that I address. Recently, one of my past clients approached me and told me that she loved her photos but it […]

Black and White Photography | Why I Love It

When my clients come to their Reveal and Ordering appointment, many are surprised that I show both color and black and white photography of their boudoir images. Why create both? Well, to be truthful, I’m in love with black and white images- I always have been! I understand that not all my clients have a […]

What Makes Great Photographs | Another Raw Project

Vulnerability is most captured when someone is exposed and 100% without armor. I find that great photographs emerge from this. If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll know that I’m part of a worldwide group called The Raw Project. This is where we photograph REAL AUTHENTIC WOMEN with their hair undone and without a stitch […]

No Makeup, No Worries | Client Testimonial

Have you tried to go out of the house without a stitch of makeup on? I don’t know about you, but it scares me when I tried to do this. I felt naked, and nothing like myself. But when did makeup define who I was? Why is natural untouched beauty so terrifying? When I was […]

The Best Reaction Video Ever | Thank you to Mrs. H

Ok, so let’s be honest for a second… I would say that I don’t cry easily, but that would be wrong. I’m a huge wuss. A good Campbell’s Soup commercial can bring me to tears, Christmas cards, a song-you name it… This however, I was not prepared for.   As many of you know, this […]