The Best Reaction Video Ever | Thank you to Mrs. H

Ok, so let’s be honest for a second… I would say that I don’t cry easily, but that would be wrong. I’m a huge wuss. A good Campbell’s Soup commercial can bring me to tears, Christmas cards, a song-you name it…

This however, I was not prepared for.

boudoir window shot with lines


As many of you know, this past month I officially began shooting in Spokane. (I flippin’ LOVE the space by the way and I cannot wait to share more images from the shoots with you!)

Anyway, one of my Spokane clients totally made me ugly cry a few days back. Not only did we have an amazing and fun time in the session, but she surprised me with this perfect Reaction Video!

sexy boudoir image in t shirt

I ADORE seeing my client’s reaction towards their images. Sadly, since her session was in Spokane and I couldn’t stay longer, we had to do it all online. I was bummed, truly bummed. I wanted to see her view her images for the first time!!!  Thus, she recorded it for me and surprised me!

Guess, what?! She’s allowing me to share her reaction with you!

tshirt portrait

Take a look! Careful…. I ugly cried…

Mrs. H Reaction Video

As you can see from the few images I’m sharing, she was stunning and a total Goddess. I cannot believe how much fun we had!

intimate bedroom stretch in t shirt

I’m thrilled that she adored her images, but I’m even more happy about the emotional response she felt about seeing herself and her unquestionable beauty.

creative sexy mirror shot

Is it time for you to be shown your worth, love? Have you been down on yourself and you need a bit of a confidence boost?

I hope to hear from you.




shadow images with blue eyes


Special thanks to Terri Reece for rockin’ the hair and makeup for this amazing shoot.