Boudoir Style | My Style vs. Client Wants

When picking a boudoir photographer, it’s super important to fall in love with their boudoir style of photography… This post may or may not be well received, but I feel that it’s something important that I address. Recently, one of my past clients approached me and told me that she loved her photos but it […]

A Confidence Boost | I’m Damn Hot Client Testimonial

I love taking pictures so of course, I love my job for that reason. But I love it for so much more. To make clients see how beautiful they are and to really understand and appreciate their beauty is why I do what I do. The amazing confidence boost that a good boudoir session can […]

Black and White Photography | Why I Love It

When my clients come to their Reveal and Ordering appointment, many are surprised that I show both color and black and white photography of their boudoir images. Why create both? Well, to be truthful, I’m in love with black and white images- I always have been! I understand that not all my clients have a […]

A Path of Reconnection | A Client Testimonial

Reconnection with yourself is a super important component of boudoir for me. I feel reconnection with who you are and reconnection with your beauty is vital to be happy in life as a woman. After seeing my work some ladies have stated, “Oh, I could never look like the girls I see on your website.” […]

Spokane Boudoir Loft Up and Running

The Spokane Boudoir Loft is up and running but holy cow, ladies… I was nervous to start in a new territory. I’m happy and content in Phoenix. I love my clients, my space, and everything about it. But when my husband and I explored regions of Idaho and Washington in 2017, we fell in love […]

confident woman

Boudoir is About Confidence, Not Just Pretty Pictures

Boudoir is about confidence, not just pretty pictures. Sure- you walk away with breathtaking, timeless photography of yourself to look back for years and years to come. You can sit down with your granddaughter fifty years from now and show them what a knock-out their grammy was, but there’s so much more to it. Before […]

Nails Done Before Shoot | EB Boudoir

While boudoir sessions are beautiful, empowering, and definitely fun, there are usually a lot of questions beforehand, especially for first-timers. A commonly asked question is, should I get my nails done before my shoot? The short answer – yes or no. The main goal should be that they do not distract from the photos themselves. […]

The Best Reaction Video Ever | Thank you to Mrs. H

Ok, so let’s be honest for a second… I would say that I don’t cry easily, but that would be wrong. I’m a huge wuss. A good Campbell’s Soup commercial can bring me to tears, Christmas cards, a song-you name it… This however, I was not prepared for.   As many of you know, this […]