Spokane Boudoir Loft Up and Running

The Spokane Boudoir Loft is up and running but holy cow, ladies… I was nervous to start in a new territory. I’m happy and content in Phoenix. I love my clients, my space, and everything about it. But when my husband and I explored regions of Idaho and Washington in 2017, we fell in love […]

confident woman

Boudoir is About Confidence, Not Just Pretty Pictures

Boudoir is about confidence, not just pretty pictures. Sure- you walk away with breathtaking, timeless photography of yourself to look back for years and years to come. You can sit down with your granddaughter fifty years from now and show them what a knock-out their grammy was, but there’s so much more to it. Before […]

Put yourself first before the holiday season…

How crazy is it that it is already the middle of October, and before we know it, we’re going to be surrounded by turkeys and toy-making elves. Not only is 2019 almost over – this decade is almost over, and I have to ask … What have YOU done to put YOURSELF first this year? […]

What’s Your Get Sexy Playlist?

Listen up y’all. This is it. The dirty details of the perfect Boudoir playlist. If you haven’t already had a boudoir shoot before, this is the perfect step-by-step guide to choosing yours. Trust me, this playlist is important. Not everyone is going to feel confident listening to the same thing. This is why it’s important […]

A Much Needed Confidence Boost | Client Testimonial

Sometimes we need a little boost to our confidence but aren’t sure what will do the trick. We can try to change our hair or the way we do our makeup but what if I told you.. that you’re perfect just the way you are. Because it’s true. And those words are the foundation of […]

The Importance of Letting Go | EB Boudoir

I know the thought of doing a boudoir shoot can be intimidating. But I want to touch on the importance of letting go. We spend weeks or months mentally preparing for the big day. It’s easy enough, posing in front of our mirrors; getting our angles just right, pouting our lips and practicing our smile. […]

Let’s Talk Payment Plans | EB Boudie Bank

Hey, girl. let’s talk payment plans, am I right?! It’s totally normal to be concerned about payment plans! I get it, trust me. It’s actually one of my most frequently asked questions! Which is why I’ve come up with three easy ways you can make payments and still get to do that amazing boudoir shoot […]