Put yourself first before the holiday season…

How crazy is it that it is already the middle of October, and before we know it, we’re going to be surrounded by turkeys and toy-making elves. Not only is 2019 almost over – this decade is almost over, and I have to ask … What have YOU done to put YOURSELF first this year?

EB Boudoir, Holiday Season

Have you been thinking about stripping down for an EB BOUDOIR session but you’re getting hung up on losing those last 20 lbs, or on saving the full amount you need to commit – I am here to tell you, “YOU CAN DO IT!” Trust me, girl.

October to December tends to be some of the busiest months of my year for boudoir, with most appointments needing to be booked before Halloween for everything to be ready for the gift-giving season. This means you have JUST UNDER TWO WEEKS to schedule your EB BOUDOIR session to have something very special under your loved one’s tree or a little something for yourself. Kick-off the new year with all the confidence of a boudoir session under your belt and rock those New Year’s resolutions!

EB Boudoir, Holiday Season

You may not be at your perfect weight or currently at an ideal point in your life, but those are all the more reasons to do it!!! Let me prove to you how amazingly beautiful you are as-is, Goddess…


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EB Boudoir, Holiday Season