Valentine’s Day – Let’s Talk About it | EB Boudoir

I know it’s early, but let’s talk Valentine’s Day.

The holiday season is very much here, and it’s odd to suggest starting to look ahead at another…. holiday!? However, to be fair, it’s only two months away! 


Valentine's Day, EB Boudoir


With commitments to family and friends, shopping, prepping all in abundance this time of year, gratitude and appreciation for those around us is the spirit. It seems like a lot always because it is. I take this time to slow down while it can be the craziest season for others. 

This past month, we have dove into ways to subtly hint to your significant other that on the 12th day of Christmas, you wish for your true love to give you an EB Boudoir Gift Certificate and a partridge in a pear tree. And I put together my top recommendations for sexy holiday lingerie! Inclusive of all body types and budgets – With those in mind, I thought it would be an excellent idea to charge ahead and drop a note regarding the busiest holiday of the year for Boudoir…Valentine’s Day! 


Valentine's Day, EB Boudoir


Let’s Talk Valentine’s Day

Planning your EB Boudoir photoshoot ahead of time is the best! And I’ll tell you why.

Make a Commitment to yourself!  

If booking a Boudoir session has been on your mind for a long time, and you haven’t inquired yet, take that next step today! It all starts with an inquiry. That’s it—just a small convo between us girls. I want you to feel good about taking action on this – If you have questions, insecurities, doubts, or travel logistics, that’s a perfect place to start with me. The rest will follow. Trust me, babe. 

Set the date!

Did you have this in mind last year by chance but couldn’t snag a spot in time? Perfect! Happy your reading this!

Move away from the last-minute scramble syndrome, and remember that it’s okay to get this going at any time of the year. Less pressure, this is a very relaxing and intuitive photoshoot; I know it seems perhaps intimidating from the onset. I assure you that you do not want to be stressed about a timeline when you are booking a Denver Boudoir session. It’s all about you, your energy, and your sexy self. 

Bodysuit, Valentine's Day


Gifting Boudior, Albums & Turnaround Time 

After rocking your session, the photoshoot is the first component; there is a week turnaround for all my clients.

Secondly, we book a date a week from your shoot, where I host your Reveal and Ordering appointment back at the studio (or on zoom for those traveling in from out of town).  

Is this a gift? We need time to shoot, edit, view, purchase, and order your images. So more time, the better. One month is a reasonable timeline for your planning. From shoot to the product in hand. 

What a better time for a heads up than now, so let’s plan for Valentine’s together! 


EB Boudoir, Valentine's Day

Photo Credit: Jessica Rae

EB BOUDOIR books out early for these shoots, so a friendly reminder to snag your spot! And get it off the never-ending TO DO LIST by taking the next step today! 

Contact me, and we can get the ball rolling, babes. 




Valentine's Day, EB Boudoir Denver