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So, How to Leave Hints to Your Significant Other for that boudoir session you are just dying for this holiday season…

Any time of year is a good time for an EB Boudoir photoshoot. I know it’s a crazy season of consumerism, and our online shopping habits have certainly increased exponentially over these past two years. However, there are special occasions like the Christmas Holidays, Valentine’s Day, and Birthdays where gifts of love and appreciation are somewhat expected. All in all, I think we are more inclined to spend time with our loved ones, and even the ability to hang out again, have fun and live a little – is back on the table and high on the priority list. 


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The gift of activities shared experiences, travel and personal touches are at the forefront of our minds this year. Less stuff, more love, more self-care, more depth. But sure, I won’t say no to some new earpods, with the crazy sales on this season,*wink*. See what I did there? a slightly not-so-subtle hint, but I lead up to it with validity. Pause for a cute laugh and hair flip. 

A sense of humor goes a long way; hints are like jokes, practice your punch line, and you’ll please the crowd. I know ladies that when it comes to asking for things, women tend not to be great at it regarding our ‘guilt’ in asking and receiving. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule, but I’m talking from experience. 

Besides being the most amazing woman ever, my clientele is fearless when they get in front of that lens, even if they were trembling just a minute beforehand. The first step to leaving hints to your significant other that you would want a boudoir shoot is to get connected to your why. From that place of authenticity, you will find the grace and self-confidence to ask, subtly, of course, by dropping little notes here and there. You will not feel any guilt and know that you deserve this; you are loved. Self-care ladies, say it with me! 

How to Leave Hints to Your Significant Other


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Now that we have that out of the way, the rest will be easy with little strategic nuances that you can hint at – to receive your gift of an EB Boudoir photoshoot with yours truly! 

Let’s talk about strategy

Start a Boudoir Pinterest board

That oop’s you left out for them to see on your tablet, phone, or laptop. Visuals are the way to lock this down, #1 in sparking a conversation or interest. Who wouldn’t want to chat more about gorgeous boudoir portraits they just happened to find!? It might seem silly, but you will need to commit to the placement and the timing of this one. If they take the bait, let the conversation flow from there, maybe a little plug about how you found this studio in Denver and that you would love to do this one day. BTW, you can start with our EB Boudoir Pinterest board to get the ideas flowing or as your prop. 

Pillow Talk.

A great way to start a conversation about lingerie. What do they like, how you are thinking about getting some, and how you recently saw some ideas in some photos. Get their take and, more specifically, get them to take interest but make sure to drop ‘photoshoot’ or ‘photographs’ in there to drive it home. 


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You know a friend who just had a Boudoir photoshoot in Denver, and they looked amazing! 

So you can pick a friend of a friend for this one, but this is a great start to engage with your significant other more directly about the studio and the photo albums and digital photos that ‘your friend’ received and loved. You can poll their knowledge of Boudoir. The more excited you are about something, the more they will notice. Use lots of words that make the experience and your knowledge around boudoir feel uplifting, happy, and empowering. 

Slide into their DM’s.

Not super subtle here, but you can build off of the conversation you just had previously above. Send them a pic of your favorite EB Instagram post with maybe the caption of “so cute, right?” and/or “the studio is not far away.” I mean, if they haven’t gotten the message yet, they will now. 

Last Dance.

Ok, if you are still unsure and want to make an impression try some sexy selfies and send them to your significant other. That will get their attention. And then you have the choice of whether or not to be still a little subtle or direct. You can caption your photo with a “would love to get in front of a camera and do this for real” or “feeling inspired by the boudoir photos recently, you like”?. 


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To be subtle or not to be subtle, that is the question. Regardless of your tactic, I hope you feel empowered by the act of asking and receiving. You will need to drop an actual way for them to book with me somewhere in your plan! Our Website, Pinterest, or Instagram links will lead the way for them to get in contact with me… Queen, I got you! Let’s chat!

To inquire about booking, gift certificates, or to start a convo, contact me here!


Best of luck! You got this!