How to keep that confidence flowing | EB Boudoir

Your boudoir session was epic! So, how to keep that confidence flowing post shoot? Well, hun, I got you. 

How to keep that confidence flowing

The Shoot

Babe, you have invested in a seriously gorgeous outfit; you seized the day and hopefully the night after your boudoir photo shoot! 

You have an incredible experience to look back on and stunning photos to prove it….so what now? 

I am here to tell you – you are not alone, my badass boudoir babes. We all get such a high from our photo shoot. The thrill of seeing our pictures, the excitement of gifting them (for some), and you’re rocking that golden goddess glow!! Then comes Monday, and your back to work or the everyday routine comes rolling in. 

So, as I like to say, keep the good times rolling, my friends, you DO NOT STOP BEING A GOLDEN GODDESS after your shoot the next day, week, month, or even year. 

This energy you created is real, it’s tangible, and you cultivated it. In other words, slay every day just like you did that day.  

If you’re new to the site, welcome! And, if you follow our Blog | Instagram or are an EB VIP community group member, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of self-care.

A big part of that is reflecting on my energy, experiences, and memories. Hence, I have the following suggestions and tips for my EB babes for post-shoot self-care and keeping the good times and confidence flowing. 


How to keep that confidence flowing

How to keep that confidence flowing

Let’s start with a bit of a fun visualization exercise.


Envision and create your own avatar as your personal ‘hype(wo)man’ – dancing and waving in the background, boasting, “you got this girl.” What would your ‘avatar’ be ‘hyping’ about yourself? What are the types of positive, reaffirming, fun, or quirky things would they be saying? The purpose being, we all need to practice self-love and positive self-talk. So what does your micro avatar hype lady say about you? 


Denver Boudoir, Confidence


With that energy in mind, let’s channel it into your daily routine.


Why not start your morning off with your usual caffeinated or herbal bevy and an gorg pic of your boudoir image right on your dresser or nightstand – a real look in the mirror moment – what an awesome boost to see yourself first thing. Talk about a positive affirmation in the AM!  

Feeling a little funky, your day is not going so well? Crack open your boudoir photo album! Take a moment or 10 to reclaim that intention and energy you had for your photo shoot. A powerful visual reminder of why you rock and who you are! Don’t let the stress of the day bring you down, girl! You got this! 


Denver Studio, Confidence


Set a date night with yourself and replicate your boudoir look!


If you invested in sexy lingerie, wear it, babe! Get it! Have some fun, dance around, take some selfies, watch Netflix, honestly order your fav uber eats – it’s your night! 

Wear your lingerie for a special surprise or for your special someone – take an ordinary weekday and BAM, hello goddess! They will love it! 

Try and replicate the hair or makeup look that our stylist did! Have fun with it, use it as your guide, and feel inspired to play! 


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OK, I have a question…..

Are you ready for round two!!???

If so, I have a special deal just for you. For those clients who have had their first session with me already, contact me. If you mention this blog post, I will give you 50% off your following session fee for your second boudoir booking in 2021!  

Great deal, right!? 

Most importantly, thank you for your time, thank you for reading, and know that you are a badass babe just as you see in your photos. That’s how everyone sees you! Remember that!!