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Check, please! – Let’s plan and get you saving up for your shoot. 


Saving up for your shoot, Denver Boudoir


All good things have their value, and luxury experiences, products, and services tend to have a heftier price tag attached. It’s all relative. You are ready to take the next step; you want to book your luxury boudoir experience. Hat’s off to you! 

So, let’s start planning, saving and getting the Denver Session booked.


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Saving up for your shoot | Why You Should

When we objectively look at how we allocate and prioritize ‘value’ in our lives, we usually start with the necessities, right!? 

The difference being, investments. Precisely how you invest in YOU. Not the first thing that came to mind I’m sure, and understandably, when we talk openly and honestly about where we put our investments, time, money, and energy. 

How many televisions do we have in our home? When it comes to monthly subscription, how much do we pay. We forget about or the demanding pull to get the latest tech, cell phone, iPad, game console?  Coffees – how many do we go out and purchase every week? We make a myriad of purchases that do not feed us, our bodies, our self-esteem, our hearts, and our minds. 

It is, and just speaking from experience, usually in the form of ‘tools of distraction.’ Now,  don’t get me wrong!! This girl loves to binge Netflix. Just simply put, if we are weighing our investments on our scales – what is feeding our growth? Self-expression? Self-confidence? 


Saving up for your shoot, Denver Boudoir


Boudoir is the purest expression of self-love, where we build our confidence in ourselves and embrace our femininity. Where we explore our beauty, our shapes, curves, moods, and embrace our imperfections. Through sexy photos, a fun lingerie shoot, a beautiful boudoir portrait of yourself, you have the opportunity to discover what it means to do something for yourself. I don’t know about you, but that is invaluable.

With that said, babe, I am here for you! I want everyone to benefit from the EB Boudoir experience. That’s why I have three different types of payment plans for you. Start start saving for your shoot!


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Payment Plans

PayPal Credit

The best bang for your buck? It is this guy.

You can reap all the benefits of products and images while still making payments.  If you’re approved, I’ll send your invoice directly through PayPal. Did I mention you don’t pay interest for 6 months? The best deal in my opinion and the only plan in which you don’t have to wait for your products, the other options are great, but there is a waiting period of 6 months. 


The Boudie Bank.

This payment plan is done directly through me with no fees. You make prepayments into your Boudie Bank ahead of time, so you are all set and squared away before your shoot. This also can be applied to your image purchases and ordering. Plus, if you choose to pay with your Boudie Bank with either the Allure or Pampered package, you’ll receive a free sexy accordion album. That’s a peachy deal! 


Post-shoot Payments Plan.

Depending on your order, I offer a three, six, or nine-month post-shoot payment plan. There’s no interest, and it’s done directly through me. If you wish to pay off your shoot before the term is over, you totally can! But please note that late payments will be assessed at $50.


Saving up for your shoot, Denver Boudoir


My goal is to help you discover who you truly are and who you’ve always been – even if it’s lying beneath the surface. Sometimes, we just need a nudge to remember the truth. Every woman is strong, beautiful, and unique – and now it’s time for you to see it!


Let’s get you booked, set a date, and plan your payment plan. It’s that easy.  

I can’t wait to chat!