Reveal and Ordering Appointment Experience

So, what is the mysterious Reveal and Ordering appointment you’ve read about in my client experience process? Sounds like a big to-do when you mention a word like reveal but it’s really very simple, love. After you’ve rocked your amazing EB BOUDOIR session experience in my Denver Studio, we set up a date and time […]

Earn Money with the EB BOUDOIR Affiliate Program

Earn Money by Sharing the Love Wanna earn money? I’ve done them before- Affiliate / Referral Programs. I would offer product credit which seemed like a good motivator, but often times, clients purchase what they want during their Reveal and Ordering appointment so it isn’t a huge incentive to get more credit for products you […]

Denver Boudoir for EB BOUDOIR- Moving Day

The Day Has Arrived Here I come, Denver Boudoir circuit. The day has come. I’m sitting in my office surrounded by Denver moving boxes. It’s a mess and I hate mess. Luckily, I woke up before the sun did so I could write this quick blog to you before the storm of movers hits and […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Boudoir Together

Friends Don’t Let Friends Boudoir Together. Girl, I get you! Your boudoir shoot is coming up and you are so dang nervous (everybody is when they get here), so you think that bringing a friend (or your partner) is a great idea. You think having a gal pal or your love there will calm your […]

It’s Time to Talk About RAW

It’s time to talk about RAW – can we talk about filters and editing for a minute? I mean…ugh! If I had a dime for every woman I know who uses filters on her Instagram and Facebook posts or, even worse, those crazy filters on snapchat, well…I’d be just shy of a bazillionaire. Bling Bling! It […]

What Music Should I Listen to During My Boudoir Shoot?

What’s your ‘get sexy’ song? We’ve all got one. Maybe it’s a slinky jazz tune a la Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago. It may be something with a hard, driving bass line (anybody else get the good kind of shivers during oh, any goth club scene in film ever?). R&B and soul could be your jam, […]

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