Saving up for your shoot | EB Boudoir

Check, please! – Let’s plan and get you saving up for your shoot.      All good things have their value, and luxury experiences, products, and services tend to have a heftier price tag attached. It’s all relative. You are ready to take the next step; you want to book your luxury boudoir experience. Hat’s […]

Saving up for your shoot, Denver Boudoir

Folio Box or Album | EB Boudoir

Folio Box or Album. Question is, what’s your dream? We can start there. If you are here to empower yourself, you are in the right place.  From vision to execution, this experience does not end at the last click of my camera.  The boudoir experience brings us timeless moments, ones we can look back on […]

Why I include a professional makeup artist | EB Boudoir

I thought it would be important to talk to babes about why I include a professional makeup artist in my sessions. When you think of a photoshoot, you automatically think of the whole experience; lighting, a photographer and the team behind it, the makeup artists. There is a reason that this relationship exists between photographer […]

Make up, EB Boudoir

It’s All About The Location | Eb Boudoir

Let’s Talk Denver When it comes to Boudoir, it’s all about the location. Location is key for getting not only a great shot but also making sure you are comfortable. If you don’t feel great about where the shoot is taking place, you won’t be able to just let go and be yourself. I absolutely […]

the Denver Studio, EB Boudoir