Why You Shouldn’t Book A Boudoir Session

why you shouldn't book a boudoir session

“Wait…Emily’s telling me why you shouldn’t book a boudoir session?! That’s crazy. That’s how this girl makes a living!” And you’re right.

I have the best, and I truly mean the best, job in the world. My purpose isn’t just to take photos of you, but to make you realize how flippin’ gorgeous you are right now through the use of photography.

Sounds kinda phooey, right? But it’s true! I feel that when you work with the right boudoir photographer, boudoir can be a therapeutic experience. So, back to my point. I’m telling you why you shouldn’t book a boudoir session.

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Why someone would not want to book a boudoir session:

1.) They don’t want their confidence boosted.

2.) They don’t want to have photographs to look back on decades into the future and smile.

3.) They want to sacrifice everything for the ones they love and never take care of themselves.

I know. I’m being a tad on the dramatic side. But it’s my nature! (I was a thespian, ladies!)

But let’s get down to it. Boudoir is the best way to boost your confidence. When you come in to my Denver Boudoir Studio, you are pampered with professional hair and makeup. (Reminder to make your partner take you out to dinner since you’re going to be all ready to go!)

After we do a fun and super guided shoot. Lots of talking, babe! I always say it’s kinda like hanging out with a gal pal but you just happen to be wearing less than me. Lol. But you see a couple pics off the camera and you realize, Wow! This is fun! I’ve got this.

Of course, the true surge of confidence is when you come back for your reveal and see how amazing you look! It’s always a shock when ladies see themselves in this way and I love the reaction. I wish I could record them!

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On to point number two, these photos will be a way for you to look back and see how beautiful you were at this time in your life. Documenting your aging is a beautiful process! And what a fun way to show your possible daughter or grand-babes in the future what a knock-out grandma was?! (Only the modest ones of course. Haha.)

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And finally, my dramatic point that is a tad on a sore topic for me- we sacrifice SO much for others and I feel that usually, we run on fumes until we crash. It’s not fun. That crash I mean. It’s brutal, and causes resentment and anger in the relationships around us. I know from experience and not just my own- this is something that I’ve chatted with clients about a lot. Women just sorta feel on the backburner sometimes due to families, spouses, careers, etc. I’m sure boys feel it too but I only know from my perspective so apologies if some men are reading this today. I just feel that it’s time to do something FOR YOU. And guess what, your partner will love it too.

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So, you’ve now read why you shouldn’t book a boudoir session. I know. I tricked you. Of course I think you should book a boudoir session, even if it isn’t with me, lovie. If you pick the right photographer, and you have a good experience, that is ALL THAT MATTERS. It’s just truly a life changing experience that I think every woman should have, ok babe?

What boat do you wanna be in? Wanna chat more?