EB BOUDOIR Client Testimonials…

The importance of EB BOUDOIR Client Testimonials is high! Whenever I’m thinking of a big purchase or something that is more of a commitment, I always ask around. Don’t you? Word of mouth and client testimonials are the most reassuring thing to me.

Pediatrician? I checked with my local Mama’s at my daughter’s school. Vet for my sick Frenchie? I asked around on a Frenchie group on Facebook. Comfy shoes my client rocked at her session? Tell me where you got those, lovie!!

You know what I mean? Word of mouth is awesome!

I wanted to share with you some EB BOUDOIR Client Testimonials…

Why wouldn’t I share with you previous client’s comments? The videos below share what they want you to know about their experience and maybe help you decide if boudoir is something you should consider as well.


client testimonial boudoir in denver
eb boudoir client testimonial
client testimonial ebboudoir
eb boudoir client testimonials phoenix

Ok, ladies… this was just a small little collection of EB BOUDOIR Client Testimonials that I’ve been blessed to receive from clients over the past year. I’m thrilled to hear what my previous clients have said about their experience and I hope to continue the trend of improving confidence in more ladies to come!

If you’ve had a shoot with me, would you do me and the potential clients a favor? I would adore to get a little 30 second clip from you sharing what you felt about your experience too! Sharing this testimonial with me, it will let me know how I’m doing and also give insight to others who are on the fence about booking their own Denver boudoir session.

Are you still stuck on booking? Let me know if there are any questions I could answer to help you! I’m an open book.

Happy Fall!


Emily B.