Boudoir Product Sale with EB BOUDOIR

Boudoir products sale with EB BOUDOIR happening now. Why?!

Closing of One of My Favorite Boudoir Product Suppliers

Hey there, ladies! Sad news for me came via email on October 1st. One of my favorite boudoir product suppliers had to close their doors. Reasons are unknown at this time, but that currently means that I no longer am offering custom framed products or mini image boxes until I find a new supplier. I’m super bummed since I’ve been working with this company way back when I was shooting weddings! Nearly a decade of friendship.

Anyway, not to be all sad and mopey! This is actually good news for you because I’ll be selling all the frames and mini image boxes from the studio at a super awesome “destash” price to you.

If I can’t offer them to clients, I can’t have ’em in the studio!

So… Boudoir product sale this month, babes!

Let’s look at what I’ve got. 😉

Boudoir Product

The Collage Frame: $175 (Normally $450 ) THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT

boudoir product collage frame

Hawthorn Frame in Black: 20×20 Frame with Custom Mat to hold nine 5×5 Images. There are two available. The price would include your favorite prints. SORRY! SOLD OUT.

Wanna see more info on this frame? Click here for a blog all about it!

Boudoir Product

Mini Image Box: $200 (Normally $500)

boudoir image box

We have only four of these mini image boxes available on the shelf. They include five of your favorite 4×6 matted images along with a use of those five digital copies. Want more info? Click this link to see more images and learn more.

*Not feeling like putting your boudoir images in here but would like to gift some holiday family photos to relatives?! No problem. You can simply send me five of your favorite digitals from a session of your choosing and I can print them out for you!

Thinking you’ll have some adorable family photos to print out over the holidays that you’ll wanna give to family members as gifts? These little gift-giving size frames would be perfect! The colors and textures range from super traditional to fun and glam-style. Take your pick of your favorites! The prices below are for the frame with an image of your choosing. Doesn’t have to be a boudoir image. As long as you’re able to send me a high res file of the image of your choosing, we’re all set!

Small Gift Frames: $25 each (Normally $100)

1.) Laurelhurst Frame in Espresso: 5×7 Frame with 4×6 Acid Free Mat

2.) Laurelhurst Frame in Barn Grey: 5×7 Frame with 4×6 Acid Free Mat

3.) Sellwood Frame in White: 5×7 Frame with 4×6 Acid Free Mat

4.) Sellwood Frame in Black: 5×7 Frame with 4×6 Acid Free Mat

5.) Sellwood Frame in Grey: 5×7 Frame with 4×6 Acid Free Mat

6.) Hollywood Frame in Champagne: 5×7 Frame with 4×6 Acid Free Mat

7.) Hawthorn Frame in Black: 5×7 Frame with 4×6 Acid Free Mat

8.) Hawthorn Frame in Gold: 5×7 Frame with 4×6 Acid Free Mat

9.) Hawthorn Frame in Silver: 5×7 Frame with 4×6 Acid Free Mat (2)

Larger Frames

Want to have a couple beautiful frames in your home? They could be filled with your boudoir images BUT they could be filled with images of your families, furbabies, human babies- you name it! The price below is for the frame and a print of your choosing. Just be sure to provide me the high resolution file and we’re all set!

About the Frames:

The frames were made from an amazing company here in America but sadly they closed their doors Oct. 1st. I’ve worked with them for nearly a decade and have never once had a problem with quality.

Something special to note- the images are not protected by glass but a very durable plexiglass to keep the framed images light and prevent the risk of broken glass in the home.

If you have any questions, ladies, please let me know!

I hate to get rid of any of these but sadly, if I cannot offer them to clients, they’ve gatto go.

Thanks for reading about this boudoir product sale! If you’d like any of them, just reach out.


Emily B