Do You Tip with BOUDOIR?

Do you tip with boudoir? This is a common, and slightly awkward question clients seem to face when it comes to their boudoir day. Do they tip? The quick answer is- yes.

boudoir makeup artist

Like all service based industries it can be a little confusing on what to tip, or should you tip, if you pay upfront for a service.

Because the EB BOUDOIR experience includes a hair and makeup professional, more often than not, those artists are used to be getting tips around 20-25% for weddings and other events, so why not boudoir as well?

How Much Should I Tip a Boudoir Makeup Artist?

If you wanna be the best boudoir client ever and you wanted to tip your artist, a suggested amount is typically $30-35 if you’re wanting to provide 20%.

Again, the choice is totally up to you, honey. But the artists definitely appreciate the gesture. Wouldn’t you?!

Want to tip your artist?

If you had Sabrina Deemer, her Venmo is @sabrinadeemermakeup

If it wasn’t the lovely Sabrina, but another equally amazing artist, reach out to me and I can provide you their Venmo or Zelle info!

Emily Brault Denver

What About Tipping My Boudoir Photographer?

Also, definitely not necessary but if you’d like to tip yours truly, my Venmo is @ebboudoir but certainly not expected. Thanks for reading “do you tip with boudoir” lovies!