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Let’s chat questions to ask your Boudoir Photographer before hiring them. I wanted to share a little info between us girls and make note that as a professional Boudoir photographer, my niche can be met with some unprofessional characters and, let’s say, bad actors in the field. 

While I don’t want to be a negative nancy, I genuinely wish everyone’s Boudior experience to be a fabulous, positive, and encouraging venture. 


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As I always say; A boudoir photography experience is meant to build a woman’s confidence in herself and embrace her femininity—a safe space, in other words, for creativity and self-discovery. 

So! I’ve put together some questions that I would recommend asking while searching for your Boudoir photographer. 


Questions to Ask Your Boudoir Photographer | Before Hiring


 Questions to ask your boudoir photographer


What’s the style? 

How do you like their portfolio? What is your first inclination? Does it match the vibe or aesthetic you have envisioned for yourself? Maybe less of a conversation with the photographer and more of your research and feelings. 

How much do they help you through the shoot? 

It seems like a silly question, but honestly, this might be the make or break in your decision-making. I had an awkward first time in front of the camera. When I started to learn about boudoir and the craft of boudoir photography, I signed myself up for a session to be in front of the camera to understand the experience further. It was pretty challenging, and there was little to no help offered. My biggest takeaway was what not to do as a photographer! You can read about my experience here for some additional takeaways. 


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Pricing and session fees

If it’s not very clear on their website, make sure to inquire in an email. If there’s a session fee, what’s included? Be sure you know the total price, and don’t get duped into thinking the session fee covers everything. For example, on the EB Boudior website, we detail the session fee, what’s included, and the additional costs. 

Are makeup and hair included? 

If they do provide this, ask to see their stylists’ work! They should easily be able to share their portfolio. And if not, you can search for a professional stylist in your area and ask the photographer for a referral. 


Questions to ask your boudoir photographer


When do I see the images? 

Inquire how long their turnaround is until you see your images, and after you pay, how long until you get your products? Mark this as a high priority if you are gifting your photos or have a deadline in mind. Be transparent with the photographer. 

What is their editing style? 

How much do they photoshop your images? And is that okay with you? Do your homework by reviewing their pictures and asking specific questions if you are unsure what or why something looks the way it does. 


On a budget? 

You love their work, but it might be a bit much to put down all at once? Ask if they offer payment plans! 


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My honest opinion when searching for the right boudoir photographer for you? Make sure you feel comfy with who the photographer is.

Even if you like their price point, be 100% relaxed with this person due to the nature of the intimate photos. That could be the vibe or impression they make with you, and if you arrive and you do not like what is happening in the room, stop the session. 

You need to be happy, comfy, and have a fantastic experience!! Sometimes a testimonial can make all the difference! Check out our latest EB Boudior testimonial for reference!

So, babe, are you in the Denver area or want to inquire about my travel dates? Let’s connect and talk about booking!