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The editing style and process are big for me. I’ve always been a massive fan of the natural canvas, embracing what we have and owning it; however, part of a photographer’s job is to edit in the right places with the right intentions. 

As an advocate for transparency in the wild and crazy photoshop filtered world we live in, Boudoir is a form of photography meant to express both raw and filtered beauty. 


Editing Style, EB Boudoir


We are never going to achieve perfection; that is not the purpose. We want to flatter and add highlight what we love about ourselves. Add a touch of filter to soften the best parts, and if something falls into a bit of shadow, I can lighten it. 

I have three editing processes and have detailed them below, so you have a clear understanding of the process. Let’s start! 


Editing Style, Denver Studio


Editing Style | EB Boudoir 

The EB | Edit 

With every Boudoir session comes the EB | edit. A mild skin smoothing technique is applied to your photographs. A softening and light glow to the skin is the effect. No barbie doll skin, here, ladies! I then remove blemishes, bruises, scrapes, and scratches. Anything that has appeared on your skin that won’t be there in a week is automatically removed; I like to think of it as the ‘life happens’ edit. If you had a minor breakout or your cat scratched you etc. It’s not necessary to keep it in. 


The EB | Optional Edit

Our boudoir experience is about building confidence in you and loving you! I wish to encourage all of my clients to embrace the little hangups we have about our bodies. The opportunity to see them in a different light might change your perspective. But I will never argue if you wish to take out scars, cellulite, and stretch marks! Not to worry.


EB Boudoir, Denver Studio


The EB | Additional Cost Edit

These are some specific edits that we can chat about if you are particularly interested in removing something—for example, tan lines and tattoo removal. I get these requests often, so please don’t be shy about asking before or during our shoot.

I always retouch any tan lines during the skin smoothing process in our EB Edit. If they’re super bad, and you’d like them to be 100% gone, I’m happy to do these for a small additional fee of $5 per purchased image.

When it comes to tattoo removal, I can avoid photographing the tattooed area in general; it depends on where it is and not at any sacrifice to what we are trying to achieve. Tattoo removal is an optional and additional cost, and we would chat about the rate based on the complexity of the location of the tattoo.

Something to consider in advance if you feel like you want your tattoo or tattoo’s removed. Just let me know! 


EB Boudoir, Denver


The testimonials speak for themselves; I highly recommend checking out our client experience portal and photo gallery to get an authentic sense of what you can expect!


EB Boudoir, Editing Style


As always, I am so grateful to work one-on-one with you, beautiful badass boudoir babes. I have such an awesome job, ladies! 

Do you have more detailed questions about the editing process or want to take this opportunity to introduce yourself and book a session!? Let’s do it! 

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