Why not the Kitchen? | EB Boudoir

Have you ever thought about how fun it could be to mix up the location of your boudoir shoot? Because hun, I have! So, why not the Kitchen? I have always wanted to do a sexy session in the Kitchen with a client or client(s) – hello couple session!  The thing is, you really do […]

Denver Boudoir for EB BOUDOIR- Moving Day

The Day Has Arrived Here I come, Denver Boudoir circuit. The day has come. I’m sitting in my office surrounded by Denver moving boxes. It’s a mess and I hate mess. Luckily, I woke up before the sun did so I could write this quick blog to you before the storm of movers hits and […]

Denver Boudoir Studio for EB BOUDOIR

EB Boudoir Makes Denver Studio Its Home-Base! When I first started EB BOUDOIR, nothing was more important to me then empowering women. I wanted women to feel confident, beautiful, empowered, and inspired to look and feel their very best. What a wild journey it has been! Throughout my time in business, I’ve helped women in […]