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Have you ever thought about how fun it could be to mix up the location of your boudoir shoot? Because hun, I have! So, why not the Kitchen? I have always wanted to do a sexy session in the Kitchen with a client or client(s) – hello couple session! 



The thing is, you really do not need to a cook to spice things up within your kitchen. This is the perfect backdrop for a fun and sexy Boudoir Session. And may I say, the lighting is already on point!

Flirty lingerie, a white tee, or if you have it, a sexy apron with nothing underneath with the backdrop of your kitchen flooring and appliances – trust me, girl, it would be amazing!

If that was not your thing, we could heat things up with a couples session and have you in an open white dress shirt…or make a mess with flour and your favorite cocktail to show your partner just how sexy you can be while baking their favorite recipe. The options are endless, and most importantly FUN!

Kitchen, Boudoir


I think it is so important to change the scene up. Of course, I love a good studio session. My Denver Spot gives me all the feels. But I also do love to mix things up and I do believe we could make a Kitchen just as sexy as a bed.
So, how would I go about posing you in a Kitchen Session? Great question. Let’s talk about how we can turn the kitchen into a steamy shoot!

Your Favorite Tee & the Counter

Now, I know I have said this many times. Lingerie is not the only thing that can spice up a sexy shoot. I truly believe we shine when we are feeling our most authentic selves.

Taking your favorite t-shirt and high-waisted underwear – my go-to is Calvin Klien – with you on the counter. We could bring in some props such as whipping cream, sipping coffee, or your favorite morning go-to shake. Whatever is natural and something you find yourself doing in your daily routine. My job is to turn that into something sexy behind the scenes. Trust me, babe, I got you.

Pairing your favorite Lingerie

Now, for me, it’s all black everything. And if lingerie is not your thing, I have a treasure chest full of all the fun stuff – don’t you worry.

We can pair a sexy set or even an bodysuit. Take that gorgeous asset and mix it up with the backsplash of you working your daily routine in the kitchen. Perhaps we catch you in the morning pouring yourself some cereal? or it’s mid-afternoon and you are about to make yourself or your partner lunch. Add that lingerie and we have ourselves a sexy photo.


Kitchen, Boudoir


Couple Shoot

And last, but not least, a couples session.

I rarely offer these, but I feel like a Kitchen shoot would be the perfect time to add a little spice to both you and your partner’s life. Is there really anything better than an intimate moment captured between yourself and the one you love? Hello, Valentine’s day! 

Sexy couple

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Are you ready to take a leap and book your Kitchen Session with me? If you’re hesitant, please reach out and ask me ANY questions you may have. I’m an open book, girl.