Stories to Help You Surprise Your Significant Other | EB Boudoir

Welcome back, or if this is your first time to the EB Boudoir blog, I’m Emily! Resident intimate portrait photographer and your guide to all things boudoir! And the tip for today is all about how to help surprise your significant other. There are a million and one reasons to be afraid and never take […]

Stories to Help You Surprise Your Significant Other

Ms. S | EB Boudoir Testimonial

I love reading about my babes’ experiences – it lights me up in so many ways. But more so, I love to share the experiences. So, today I thought I would share Ms. S experience with you. Ms. S wanted to do a little something special for her hubby… boudoir truly is that timeless gift. […]

Denver Studio, EB Boudoir

Client Love | EB Boudoir

I thought I would celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a little Client Love. Is there any better kind of love?     Client Love | Ms. M What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session? “Just needed a little self-confidence. More for myself than anything.” Did anything change about the way you see your […]

EB Boudoir, Client Love

The Feeling of Empowerment | A Client Testimonial

The feeling of empowerment – something every woman should feel. When Ms. J came into my studio, I could feel her energy right away. I knew she was here for one reason and one reason only. Herself. Being able to get the feeling of empowerment out of this boudoir shoot was a top priority for […]

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A Denver Boudoir Client Testimonial | Ms. M

Just a little Denver boudoir testimonial to inspire you babes. You know I am all about a little gift for yourself. So, what better gift than the gift of boudoir. And that is exactly what Ms. M did, and I am honored I got to be the one to capture this badass babe.  I always say, […]

Client Testimonial, EB Boudoir

A Little Something For Me | Client J

One thing is for sure, lovie – we ALL need to do ” a little something for me “. Client J did just that, and I love it. Self-love and compassion are so important for our personal well-being. We need to show ourselves some love and really let ourselves know just how badass we are […]

Client Testimonial , EB Boudoir

Client Testimonial | Ms. J

Today, I am featuring a client testimonial by Ms. J. For Ms. J, this experience was all about self-love and body acceptance. Two things that we, at EB Boudoir, are all about.     Client Testimonial | Ms. J What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session? I had been wanting to do this […]

Client Testimonial, EB Boudoir

Seeing myself in a different light | A Boudoir Testimonial

On my most recent boudoir trip back to Phoenix, I had the joy or working with a handful of amazing ladies. One of those truly inspiring clients was Ms. T. She was so fantastic to photograph and talk to, I really felt comfy around her. She had a no BS type personality. Like most of […]

Denver Boudoir Testimonial with Ms. M

Denver Boudoir Testimonial- An Important Step After a boudoir session I always ask my clients to fill out a little Post Session Questionnaire to help me gauge how I’m doing as a boudoir photographer, business owner, and all around person. It’s a Denver Boudoir Testimonial, really. I want to be sure 100% of my girls […]

Comfortable in Your Own Skin | Client Testimonial

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Is that something that you can 100% attest to? I sometimes can’t- I’ll be honest. I’m in my early 30’s now and there is a shit ton of conditioning habits I grew up with that I try to break on a daily basis. I think many of you […]