The Camp Do More Experience

What Is Camp Do More? If you’ve never heard of Camp Do More, I urge you to pause reading this and go check out their website. To be brief, Camp Do More is a sleep-away camp for adult photographers. At its core, Camp Do More is so much more. At Camp there’s no judgment; everyone […]

When The Photographer Becomes The Model

A few weeks ago in Vegas, I had an amazing experience working with incredible creatives as both a model and boudoir photographer. I felt free and empowered experimenting with a completely different environments during our boudoir shoots and modelling for New York’s amazing Evgenia Ribinik. Her shoot out at The Delano Hotel in Vegas was […]

Confident Beautiful Exciting | Mrs. B’s Experience

Confident Beautiful Exciting – That is what it is all about. Boudoir is an experience that everyone should experience. Mrs. B’s Experience Q: What or who made you decide to book a boudoir session? A: I did it for my husband. It was something I’ve always wanted to do. Q: How did you hear about […]

You Have to Do it At Least Once | Mrs. G Experience

Believe When You’re Told You’re Beautiful. Boudoir is an experience. Hearing the stories of how my Phoenix Boudoir clients reveal their sexy photos to their spouse or significant other – is so rewarding to me. Most often than not, we don’t want to listen when someone tells us we’re gorgeous or how beautiful we are, […]

Should You Tan Before Your Boudoir Session| EB Boudoir

While boudoir sessions are beautiful, empowering, and definitely fun, there are usually a lot of questions beforehand, especially for first-timers. One of those questions: should I get a tan? The short answer – no, you shouldn’t. I’m sure you’re thinking you’re too pale or have tan lines that might show, but keep reading for just […]

Girl Behind EB BOUDOIR | Time for a Challenge

Hey there, ladies. I thought I would introduce the Girl Behind EB BOUDOIR. So here’s the thing. I have never once written a blog for EB BOUDOIR. How bad is that?! Truly- I have no excuses. Like others who are a little nervous to visit me in the studio, I’m scared to put my thoughts […]