Girl Behind EB BOUDOIR | Time for a Challenge

Hey there, ladies. I thought I would introduce the Girl Behind EB BOUDOIR.

So here’s the thing. I have never once written a blog for EB BOUDOIR. How bad is that?! Truly- I have no excuses. Like others who are a little nervous to visit me in the studio, I’m scared to put my thoughts and words out into the universe. Why? you may ask… Well, I’m a weirdo. Not like a creeper weirdo… but just odd.

Like last night, for instance, I had a dream about long eyelashes… Not really on a person, just long-ass eyelashes. No doubt due to all the eyelash extensions coming in and out of the studio. Girls, how do you do it? I’m a face scrubber. I love to wash my eyes twice a day and there’s no way I can sleep on my back. But so tempting to try cause they look SO GOOD!

Well, on to the point again. I’m going to do my best to start writing a blog so if you wanna read it, awesome. If not, no biggy. Do your thang! I just figure it’s a cool way to get to know me a bit better as well as some more info on the entire experience from my clients!

So the first thing is first. Let me start by saying boudoir photography is the bee’s knees (odd expression but as I said, I’m an odd person.)

If you’ve ever struggled with confidence or aren’t 100% in love with your body, it’s the best therapy in the world! Take me, for instance. I struggle with this stuff. Truly. I do. I practice what I preach. Every year (and sometimes multiple times a year) I have someone capture boudoir images of me, or I get crafty and do selfies. I call them my “boudie birthdays“. Happy Birthday to me! Birthday in my birthday suit. Woot woot!

But this past year, I decided I needed another one… non-birthday boudoir. See- I lost all this weight… 16 lbs- but then I packed it on again! Thanks a lot Christmas cookies… But because I was being down on myself, I said, “BS. I’m still gorgeous!” and I wanted to prove it to myself. So I did.

EB Boudoir, Denver Boudoir

So, that is the girl behind EB Boudoir.

It doesn’t matter if you added on a little weight, if having children gave you tiger stripes, or if you’re growing older. That’s all the more reason to do something like this for yourself.

There’s no day like today.

Really. It’s time to challenge yourself and do something for you, girl!