What NOT to Wear for Boudoir

I have dozens of posts telling you what to wear, but let’s discuss what NOT to wear for boudoir…

What not to wear for boudoir

  1. A onesie with cartoon characters on it – unless you want to look like a big kid instead of a sexy adult.
  2. Your favorite sweatsuit – nothing says “hot and bothered” like baggy sweatpants and a hoodie.
  3. Socks with sandals – because there’s nothing more alluring than a fashion faux pas.
  4. A Snuggie – unless you want to look like a human burrito.
  5. Your ex’s oversized shirt – because revenge isn’t always best served naked.
  6. A clown suit – unless you’re going for the “sexy clown” look, but let’s be real, that’s just creepy.
  7. A onesie with butt flaps – because nobody wants to see that.
  8. A wedding dress – unless you’re getting divorced and want to burn it in a dramatic photoshoot.
  9. A full-body spandex suit – because sometimes less is more.
  10. Crocs – because they’re never a good idea, no matter what the occasion.

Remember, the key to a successful boudoir shoot is to wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy. So, maybe skip the onesie and opt for something a little more flattering.

boudoir what not to wear

What You Should Wear for Boudoir

  1. Bodysuits: Bodysuits are a great choice for boudoir shoots because they hug your curves in all the right places and are available in a variety of styles, from sheer to lacy to strappy. They can also be easily layered with other pieces, such as a robe or thigh-high stockings.
  2. Lingerie sets: A matching bra and panty set is a classic choice for boudoir photography. Look for styles that flatter your body type, such as a balconette bra for larger busts or high-waisted panties for a more retro vibe.
  3. Corsets and bustiers: These structured garments can create a stunning silhouette and accentuate your curves. Look for styles with lace-up backs for an adjustable fit.
  4. Crop tops and high-waisted panties: This combo is perfect for clients who want to show off their midriff. Look for a crop top with a plunging neckline or cut-out details for added sex appeal.
  5. Sheer robes and kimonos: These flowing pieces add a touch of glamour and can be used to create a more layered look. Look for styles with lace or embroidery for added texture.

Remember, it’s all about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. Choose outfits that make you feel beautiful and empowered, and your boudoir shoot is sure to be a success!

what not to wear for your boudoir session

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what to wear for a boudoir session

Here are some fun lingerie stores that I like to visit too!

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I hope this slightly goofy blog post was helpful! As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out, love.