Non Lingerie Boudoir Outfits

Let’s think of Non Lingerie Boudoir for a few minutes, shall we? I know that many women out there don’t own lingerie. This could be because they just never had the urge to go buy any, or maybe they just don’t like lingerie. If lingerie isn’t your thing, and you’ve booked a boudoir session with me, do not go and buy any!

non lingerie boudoir


The cardigan or the chunky sweater look is amazing (and cozy AF) for a boudoir shoot. Pick your favorite one, ideally with minimal print, and then a pair of undies you love and bam! You’ve got yourself a very authentic, soft, and sexy look for your boudoir shoot.

chunky sweater for boudoir


How about a sexy white t-shirt as a non lingerie boudoir look? Not only are they easy to find, but you can manipulate them a lot to show off the ladies. Under-boob anyone? How about a little wet t-shirt action? T shirts can seem so simple but the sexiness is found in that simplicity lovie.

white t shirt look for boudoir


For our final suggestion in today’s non lingerie boudoir post, I would say, rock the birthday suit, love. What’s more simple and beautiful than that? Now, it’s totally up to you how much skin you’d like to show for your Denver Boudoir Photoshoot. It can be as much or as little as you’re comfy with. These are your photos, not mine. 😉

So we could use creative angles to hide bits that you’d like to leave a mystery, or my personal favorite, using a crisp white sheet or blanket to have more of a comfy, and romantic look.

white sheet boudoir

I hope this little blog on non lingerie boudoir ideas helped you, love! Like I said, if you’re not into lingerie please don’t buy it. We want to embrace who YOU are. We don’t want to create looks that you think you should do just because you’ve seen it in other boudoir photography. These are your photos and they should make you feel good about who you are.

non lingerie boudoir