Wardrobe Malfunctions | EB Boudoir

Nothing is perfect in life. Trust me, babe, wardrobe malfunctions do happen.

There are many times when we have all felt uncomfortable in our own skin, let alone our wardrobe. All bodies are different, depending on our own personal style, and in combination with what is also highly marketed to us, the best fit may not always line up.


Wardrobe Malfunction, EB Boudoir


I’m often nostalgic about my disastrous style choices in high school; so embarrassing, but we’ve all been there. Why did I think that was cute or ‘hot’? That was our youth and the perfect time to explore and experiment.

As I see my daughter grow up, I wonder what fun and unique choices she will make. How I will be there to guide her along the way but also respect that each generation has its quirks.

There is a reason why stylists exist, but we have ourselves to do the job for us, regular ladies. The fun part? Shopping! The bad part… We are trying to make decisions based on our own body types and what looks good on us without much help. This doesn’t mean that everyone finds it inherently hard; some of you are amazingly talented at knowing what exactly suits you perfectly. I love that, and it’s personally taken me time to get there, trust me. 

When it comes to your EB Boudoir shoot, I have some tricks up my sleeve for any of those pesky wardrobe malfunctions that may come up.

Let’s talk about lingerie.

My favorite piece of clothing and the secondary subject of all my photography.

Fact is, some lingerie options, no matter how expensive or beautiful  (specifically the ones with banding), tend to push into our bodies and make us feel a tad ‘doughy’…know what I mean, ladies? It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or a size 16… It happens to us all. 


Wardrobe Malfunctions, Denver studio


So here’s my deal… 

I go in and smooth out your gorgeous silhouette during my editing process. So rest assured, you don’t need to worry about your lingerie pushing into your curves; I’ve got that covered.

Full disclosure, it’s not a significant overhaul either. I’m very transparent about how I use photoshop as we never want to doctor your natural beauty, just refine. 

For context, let’s think about how our naked bodies look. You wouldn’t have those indent marks from the lingerie naturally, so I think it’s only fair to remove them if your wardrobe does this unfair trick on the eye. 


EB Boudoir, Denver, Lingerie


It’s a neat trick and one that showcases all your glam, lovie!

Attention to detail is my job as a photographer, and I won’t let anything slip that will ultimately not make you look and, more importantly, feel your best. 

Now it’s your turn! Is there anything you are worried about or have questions regarding your next boudoir shoot? Reach out to me here. I’m all ears. 


EB boudoir, Denver


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