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The Faces of Boudoir, Oh how there are so many. 

I know you’re scared- perhaps a little intimidated by the unknown boudoir world. I’ve personally been there and have had the same nervous butterflies before standing in front of a camera and a new photographer. Let us set that aside for one sec as I personally welcome you to EB Boudoir, to your Boudoir experience. Thank you for being here! 


EB Boudoir, Denver studio


There are many faces of Boudoir; trust me when I say I will guide you through your WHOLE STINKIN PHOTOSHOOT down to your fingertips! Many angles, body parts, hair, and skin are all at play that show up in the final product, your incredible photos! 


Denver, EB Boudoir

How do we decide what to focus on? 

How do we play with lighting and shadows? All very valid, but let’s ask the burning question, ‘What about my face’ Emily!?

I get this question a lot. The face is essential, right? Most importantly, so you know, I’m not going to ask you to crack a big cheesy smile throughout the shoot…If you want to smile, go for it, you are a goddess!

However, that’s not my style. You can breathe easy now. I mean, come on, this is sexy intimate portraiture, not headshots!   


The Faces of Boudoir, EB Boudoir


What’s my approach? 

It sounds somewhat simple, but I will usually be shooting like I’m not in the room. The distinction is that I’m there to direct you, not style or micromanage you. We have enough of that in our day-to-day and workplace dynamics. What a relief!

Some specifics, let’s dig in:

I’ll be directing how you should be looking, and sometimes…..forewarning, I’ll try to be a clown and make you laugh. THOSE are the smiles that are my favorite. So yes, a cheeky smile is always on brand here at EB Boudior


Want to know my #1 trick for your upcoming photoshoot? 

Breathe through your mouth. That’s it! Weird right?

I’ll turn you all into mouth breathers by the end of this. Sorry in advance. Why do you breathe through your mouth, you ask? Well, it relaxes your face. Think of it this way….when you’re gettin’ all hot and steamy with your significant other, and they’re kissing on that neck of yours, is your mouth open or closed? I’ll let you picture that for a sec. THAT’S what we are trying to achieve here. The EB Boudoir modus operendai


The Faces of Boudoir, Denver


So no worries, babe. I will be directing every part of you throughout the shoot, and I’ll be chatting your ear off the whole time like we’re just a couple of besties hanging out… You’ll just be wearing a little less clothing than me.

I’m so excited about our upcoming session! But wait, have you booked with me yet? Inquire with me here to start the process.

I’m also always open to questions, and we can have a little chat. There are no stupid questions, only answers. So ask away! Fear, not, lovie. 


EB Boudoir, Poses


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