Past Clients, A Little Something For You | EB Boudoir

To my past clientsDenver to Phoenix (even those badass babes I connected with while traveling) I have a question for ya…

“Have you ever tuned in or been a fan of the half-time Super Bowl show?”

I’m not really interested so much in the Super Bowl per se, but I love the mini-slate of incredible performances by amazing artists. Even the commercials are so worth it. So, a little entertainment and in a condensed format but an outstanding package; I think it’s well worth checking out.


EB Boudoir, Fishnets


It got me thinking about my previous clients who come back, our EB Boudoir “repeat offenders” who don’t really need the full 60 minutes like they did the first time. So, I have a really awesome special I would like to extend to my past clients! 

Ready for it!?…..


EB Boudoir, Denver


The EB | Mini Session

This is a special treat for all of you who really loved their first session and would like to explore a little more, but perhaps with a little less on *wink wink* 

Some ideas to peak your interest:

Wet T-shirt

Yes, let’s do it! Who doesn’t love the scene in ‘Wild Things’ with those gorgeous babes all over that car, soaked to the bone and having so much fun? It’s like a bit of a blast from the past, and I think an entertaining treat for your man. We could say it is more up our alley than a perhaps school girl uniform (but if it’s your thing, bring it in!) T-shirts are super fun, sexy, casual, rawer, and easy to put together. 

Satin white sheet set 

Oh yes, how about a roll in the sheets? So much to play with here! Lying in bed wrapped in or with or slightly draped sheets. Hugging those curves. Leaves lots to be desired. 

Denver Studio, White Sheet



Really fun textural items to play with. Literally, and the camera loves them. It’s a classic, but go shopping and play with different colors if it’s really your cup of tea. 


That’s right, ladies, let’s get tied up. If you are a fan of bondage play, inspired by specific artwork or images you have seen, I encourage you to send them to me, and we can craft your seductive bondage set for you. You know what you want if you’re a fan of bondage play, and if you’re going to explore it for the first time, let us chat further about your ideas. 


EB Boudoir, Past Clients


I got a new lingerie set! 

What better way to celebrate than a mini shoot. Gotta show off the goods am I right? It doesn’t need to be top of the line, anything that makes you feel good and flatters your shape. 

Hey, it could be as simple as it’s a Thursday, and I am a babe; whatever the reason or idea, or maybe during your previous shoots, you didn’t feel brave enough to do a nude shoot… Here is your chance


EB Boudoir, Past Clients


Whatever you are into, I’m ‘game! Cheesy sport play on words? Who me? Why yes? I’m into what you’re into, so don’t be shy. 

I hope that was titillating enough for my lovies, and you decide to connect and talk about booking!