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There are some topics that, as women, we shy away from. Such as how to reclaim our sexuality. 

How do we begin to acknowledge such a statement as reclaiming something that we may not even think is lost. Or maybe counter to that, we have lost all mojo, sex or sexuality, and sensuality is not even on our minds. You are reading this right now, so it’s not too far off as you think. 


Reclaim Your Sexuality, EB Boudoir


What are the implications and repercussions of this type of feelings about ourselves? When we are shy or awkward regarding the topic of sex. When we look at images or what the projected images of sex and sexuality are, do nothing for us?

Don’t beat yourself up. There is so much being fed to us daily about what is a ‘social norm’ of sexuality. But it’s not skin deep, as we all know.

Whatever may bring us to that place where we are lost, we once had or can’t seem to muster any appreciation for anything ‘sexy’; you are in an incredibly normal area and shared by all women. 


Reclaim Your Sexuality, Boudoir, Denver


It’s like relationships; our partners or partners are not always going to be our lovers. There will be times when they are our best friends, a counselor, a mentor, an aggravator, and dare I say, selfish and annoying. We all cycle through the waves of relationships and, in turn, our relationship with ourselves.

We can all appreciate that in life, nothing is like it is in romantic comedies, and people may have extraordinary sex lives, but it just depends on where you are at. Keeping that spark lit in yourself is the key!

That’s why I’m here doing my work to ignite that flame in every woman—knowing that it’s here, and it’s real and very, very achievable. 


Reclaim Your Sexuality


Reclaim Your Sexuality Through Boudoir

There are countless times when clients have had a hard time deciding to commit to a Boudoir session.

Let’s debunk a few myths about what may hold someone back from coming to our cute and quaint Denver Boudoir studio.  

Who is it for? If it’s just me, who cares? Shouldn’t I be sharing this with someone? 

Boudoir is, with the utmost certainty, 100% for you.  No ifs,  and’s, or buts. Well, definitely some lovely tushy’s, but we can leave that for the photos.

Even if this is a gift, you are doing this for yourself; it’s all you, my dear. The process is unique and highly awakening. So I recommend leaning into the narrative that it’s your time and your sexuality you are exploring here. Enjoy!! You’ll love the results. 


Reclaim Your Sexuality, Denver, Boudoir


I’m old; I’m too big, I’m too skinny, I don’t like lingerie, I’ve never been in front of the camera before!

Oh yes, my darlings, and the list can go on. Come whoever you are, wherever you are, in whatever shape or feeling you present at the moment. For all us perfectionists out there, the right time is anytime. Don’t wait to do something for yourself. To reclaim your sexuality, explore the unknown, and commit to getting all dolled up and showing the world you are a sexy badass boudoir babe, and this is my space and my time; hear me roar. For starters. 

Boudoir is simply a fun, pampering girl-day with an old friend. I will coach and guide you through the entire process, and in the end, it isn’t just about having photos that you can love and cherish for years to come – it’s about building confidence in yourself and loving who you are, both mentally and physically. Think about your boudoir session as a form of phototherapy – it’s cathartic, it’s relaxing, it’s invigorating, and it’s enlightening. 

So are you ready to reclaim your sexuality through Boudoir? Let’s get you booked! 


Reclaim Your Sexuality. EB Boudoir


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