Ms. S | Client Love

Is there really any better way to end the year than with a little Client Love? Didn’t think so, babe.

Let me introduce Ms. S. I had an amazing time shooting her session. Her energy lit the room up and I truly hope she becomes a repeat offender!


Client Love, Ms. S


Ms. S | Client Love

What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session?

“My sister in Nebraska did a boudoir session and told me about how great the experience was so I decided to look into it. I wanted to have images of myself that made me feel great.”

Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty/sexuality/sensuality/body confidence as a result of this session?

“I think it gave me a bit more confidence in how my body looks and made me feel really sexy and beautiful. I think I feel more comfortable in my body more consistently since doing

the shoot.”

How did you hear about and why did you choose Emily Brault?

Once I decided to do a boudoir shoot, I started following a variety of boudoir photographers and really liked Emily’s style and personality.


Client love, Denver Boudoir


The Session | Client Love

How did the session make you feel?

“It felt great. I felt beautiful and it was kind of fun to be the center of attention in that way and to feel like I was worth photographing.”

What specifically was your favorite part of the experience, and why?

“I think the photoshoot itself was my favorite. It was just such a fun morning of getting dolled up and posing in a variety of outfits.”


EB Boudoir, Client Testimonial


If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

“If I were to recommend Emily to my best friend, I’d encourage them to consider a boudoir shoot because it is so fun and I’d recommend Emily in particular because she was so good at making me feel comfortable and beautiful throughout the whole experience. Plus, the photos turned out amazing!”

Anything we could have done to make your experience better?

“I think everything about the experience was great, I don’t know if I would change anything.”


Client testimonial, Ms. S


Are you ready to have an experience just like Ms. S? Well, lovie, I am booking into March 2022 and I would love for you to see just how gorgeous you truly are. So, let’s get you booked! Contact me today. And if you are unsure if this experience is for you, just shoot me a message. I am always here to talk it out and answer any questions you may have about the boudoir experience.